The Greatest Reads in CX

A Fantastic Customer Experience Doesn’t End with the Sale

Most of us think that good customer experience ends with the sale. But this is entirely wrong, as good CX should be part of your day to day activities. Jonathan Levitt uses the example of Amazon to underscore the importance of adhering to good CX always.

The Best and Worst Companies for Customer Experience

The figures are out and the writing is on the wall. Customers expect you to continue upping your CX game as always. Find out what this is all about by reading Natasha D Smith’s article.

What’s Different About Today’s Multi-Channel Customer Experience?

Unlike in the past when only a handful of CX channels were available, today’s companies have multiple CX platforms. Of course, while this comes with more advantages, it requires more commitment. Pete Wermter tells you why today’s multi-channel CX is a bit different than what we were used to a couple of years ago.

How to Crack the Code to Unforgettable Customer Experience

Customer experiences are imperative to your company/organization’s success. So, how can you make your CX stand out from the pack? I wrote this article to expose you to some unique ways that you can use to rev-up your CX.


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