The Greatest CX Articles From This Week

This week I found some really great articles for you. As you know, every week I try to find the most suited articles for you. This week I am extra pleased, because I found some awesome tips you can use to improve your CX: the formula for unbeatable CX, the use of tablets in customer experience,  CX and Environmental Movement – and much more!

1. Create an Unbeatable Customer Experience With this Simple, Powerful Formula

In this piece, Micah Solomon from Inc., presents us the one of the best ways I heard of for CX improvement. What’s amazing is how simple this thing is:  “It’s only three words long: systems and smiles”. I could ramble on and on, but basically– we need to keep our customers smiling so they will continue being our customers, and we need to keep our systems working perfectly. If we fail to maintain this, our whole customer experience will go to the drain.


2. How tablet innovation enhances customer experience and drives business value

This post by Arkenford Bright Minds is a special one. It focuses on one aspect of the company’s customer experience – the technological one. In this case, though, it’s not only about the technology, even though it starts from there: the article involves all the features that a tablet enables. For example, it’s not only about the use that this technological device offers – it’s also, for example, the fact you can use it for checking customers’ gratefulness for your service.


3. How customer experience measurement could prove an imperative tool for the grocery retail sector

As if it was created to complete the previous article, KMPG Nunwood found measurement of customer experience that can be used in the grocery retail sector. The measurement, according to them, can benefit everyone – the lower-score brands, the grocery retail brands and others – all can use the feedback brought to us from the CX measurement.


4. 3 Ways to Quantify Customer Experience Success

Sometimes we make great changes in the CX -improvement process. Wouldn’t we like to know if what we are doing is good as we think we are? Apparently, Pivot Point Solution found a way to quantify the improvement of customer experience, and by that, to measure it. They say it’s all about these three main aspects: Renewal Rates, Satisfaction or Loyalty Scores and Referral Rates. With those three, you can turn your visiting customers and regular customers into numbers – and when you can number them, you can also use them.


5. 3 Ways in Which Better CX Could Have Improved the Harry Potter World – and Our World

In this piece, I tried to show the more fun and creative angle of CX. What I love about what I do is that it can be applied to everything, even the magical world of Harry Potter. In this article, I showed the way customer experience could have brought Gringgots to be not only the best wizarding bank, but the wizarding bank with the most loyal customers. Also, I showed how a “GPS” could have turned Hogwarts upside down, and finally, how the Knight Bus wouldn’t have been the Knight-mer bus, with small customer feedback. Just imagine…

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