[QUIZ] How Well Do You Know the Thought Leaders of Customer Experience?

We follow their tips, we read their articles, and we devour their every word, but do we REALLY know them?

Don’t know what about you, but I spent parts of my winter break on Playbuzz. Love their quizzes and games. However, I could not find fun customer-experience related activities there. This led us to create this fun quiz for you! We spent some time this week digging some unique information about the lives of important customer experience influencers, such as Shep Hyken, Ted Coiné, Stephanie Thum, Kent Huffman and others. For those of you who don’t yet know all these names – this can be a great opportunity for you to know the names you must know. For those of you who are already familiar with them – see this as a fun opportunity to know even more.

Think you can get all the questions right? Prove it!


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