How to Convince your Boss to Send you to a Customer Experience Conference in 2016

“Wanna Get Away?” That is what Southwest airlines famously asked in their ads featuring regular people in embarrassing situations. Getting away isn’t only for an amazing vacation in Hawaii, it’s also an amazing professional opportunity that can help you further your career.  Here are some of the benefits to attending a customer experience conference that

[QUIZ] How Well Do You Know the Thought Leaders of Customer Experience?

We follow their tips, we read their articles, and we devour their every word, but do we REALLY know them? Don’t know what about you, but I spent parts of my winter break on Playbuzz. Love their quizzes and games. However, I could not find fun customer-experience related activities there. This led us to create

Cool Video: 5 Customer Experience Trends For 2016

Just as business models are changing, the way we engage with brands is changing too. Blake Morgan, a very well-known contributor for Forbes magazine, made this cool video. In it, we see a short but a wide-ranged review, of 5 customer experience trends that should expand during 2016.   Morgan’s predictions focus on the change

20 Most Interesting Articles and Interviews of 2015

So much has happened in the field of customer experience this year. From emerging trends, through the concept of branded CX, to great tips for optimization – here is you ultimate 2015 roundup of the best customer experience news, interviews and insights, by the best in the biz. Enjoy. 1. Comcast: 5,500 New Employees Won’t Fix

How SaaS Software is Improving Customer Experience

Did you know that the internet is good for more than memes and cat videos? It’s true. The internet is the most important tool we use in improving customer experience.   We can use browser based software to achieve almost any business goal. Favored by many companies, the Software as a Service (SaaS) infrastructure is more

Ask a Customer: How Many of the Retailers Personalize Your Shopping?

This infographic, taken from the 7th annual Consumer Personalization survey (made by the E-Tailing Group), gives us a cool outlook on the customer view of personalized CX. As you might have noticed, in the last few months, many bloggers, myself included, have been writing a lot about the personalization of CX, as it is of