Customer Experience Journey Map Explained

I hate explaining these infographic concepts. In many cases, it’s stating the obvious, and in others, the thing is visualized because putting it in words doesn’t work whatsoever in the first place. However, for those unfamiliar with the motivation behind designing a specific visualization, or who are unfamiliar with the concept behind it, these tedious

3 Customer Experience B2B Tips to Follow

B2B customer experience, it should be no surprise, is a different ballgame from B2C experience. While some aspects are very similar, there are a lot of philosophical differences in the marketing and research ends as well as the customer support and service aspect (called customer success in B2B). So, when you’ve got some experience with

Branded Customer Experience Best Practices

Providing a branded customer experience is obvious in its necessity. Since a customer experience entails the sum of all customer interactions with your company, from awareness (via marketing), to research (and comparison to competition), use of the product or service and finally customer service and support where needed … it’s a big deal to handle

Most Important Customer Experience Analytics to Focus on

What are the most important customer experience analytics? This is would seem like a tough one to answer, given customer experience covers a lot of individual fields that have their own little sets of analytics to OCD over. So, before we get into the analytics, there’s a mandatory look at what customer experience is. You

Most Important Customer Experience Metrics to Look at

Today, we’re going to look at the three most important customer experience metrics that you have got to keep a watchful eye on. But, before we do that, let’s talk about what customer experience actually is. Some people will assume it’s all about customer service, or satisfaction, etc. Well, those are part of it, but