How to Improve Customer Experience in Large Businesses

When researching how to improve customer experience, especially in a big business, you’re often met with quite a bit of frustration. The problem is that people often aren’t really clear on what customer experience really is. Until fairly recently, even experts in the field didn’t identify this field by this term, despite it not being

Giving Personalized Customer Experience in the Online Era

Personalized customer experience? Oh wow, now we’re getting into stuff that’s still mostly conjecture. This is one of those things, like gamification, self service and a few others, that’s been part of thought exercises for quite some time. But, the technology and logistics of implementing it just aren’t there, for the most part. But, the

Tips for Creating a Positive Customer Experience on your Website

Creating a positive customer experience is something that companies have strived for since the concept was first laid out. Of course, this isn’t a pointless struggle, as good customer experience is so important. If you didn’t know, customer experience is the sum of your customer’s interactions with you, from the moment they learn of you,

5 Mobile Customer Experience Management Tips

Mobile customer experience management is a subset of customer experience that really hasn’t refined and advanced much yet, because while the mobile revolution is on its sixth or so year of advancement, it’s not been around long enough for this to completely evolve. See, mobile customer experience management was never much of a concern until

The Importance of Customer Experience Management in Telecoms

Telecom is a difficult phenomenon to deal with in many aspects today. The telephone system was created as the second great mass communication system, over a century ago, to carry instantaneous voice. The problem is, it has been around for so long, and for so long, nothing could replace it. So, other technologies and practices