5 Customer Experience Design Tips

Customer experience design is one of those fields that’s not for everyone, and even the trained professionals in this science often find it difficult to put into words how to master this, and therefore to provide solid tips for ambitious newcomers to the concept. Nonetheless, customer experience design, especially in this modern world of spoiled

Best Customer Journey Mapping Tools

By: Matthew @BlogCX Thomas Well, you know how I feel about there being a thousand words for the same concept in business. So, whenever I see the term “customer journey map”, I cringe, because all that is, is a customer experience flow. It was customer experience flow originally, and it will be customer experience flow when the buzz

4 Customer Experience Training Guidelines

Customer experience training can be a hard idea to wrap your mind around, understandably. People have a time of understanding exactly what customer experience is in its entirety, and this is because in typical business jargon, it’s not really indicative of its own meaning, is it? What is customer experience? If we want to conduct

Bad vs Good Customer Service Experience

So many companies have had their reputations utterly sullied by a bad customer service experience. Even when companies have excellent products, unique brands, clever marketing and a close bond with popular culture, when their customer service breaks down or just isn’t excellent, well, that’s all she wrote. You will notice that bad customer service experience

10 Customer Experience Quotes and What we can Learn from Them

Improving the quality of customer experience of your clients is the best way to make sure that you keep getting more business from your customers, and thus getting increased profits for your efforts. However, providing high quality customer experience is not an easy thing, but the customer experience quotes shared below would give you better