Chrome OS Might Soon Have Google Play Support – Will it Take CX to the Next Level?

Rumors have been buzzing on various news outlets after Reddit user TheWiseYoda stumbled upon an option which allowed Android apps to run on Chromebook.  Are these rumors true, and if so how will this affect customer experience?   Too Good to Be True? One of the screenshots posted by TheWiseYoda reveals the text: “Enable Android

How to use the Customer Experience Professionals Association to Get Ahead

Over the past few years, there have been dramatic changes in the business landscape. This new world has brought us exciting opportunities and new responsibilities. Anybody with an idea can create a business these days. In fact, I am creating a new startup as I write this article. Seriously, it’s called FaceFire and it…..perhaps I

The Ultimate Customer Experience Multimedia Library

I’ve written many different types of articles over the years including informative pieces, humorous rants, and helpful solutions. While some were more helpful than others, they’re all creative or unique in their own way. After taking a look at all my old blog posts, I compiled a list of media posts that I consider to

Customer Experience March 2016 Monthly Roundup

This month’s article roundup is full of precious insights for anyone involved in customer experience. These articles discuss the variations needed for mobile customer experience when it comes to retail, in addition to common mistakes made when designing CX for millennials. I’ve also included a fascinating analysis based off of various studies about CX, and

[INFOGRAPHIC] 4 Views into Your Customer’s Experience

Customer experience mapping is exploding in popularity as companies attend to understand how customers interact with brands. This is a good thing, but the customer experience mapping has led to some confusion. The reason for this confusion is the many point of views from which we can look at customer experience mapping – from a

Customer Experience Best of February 2016  

Some great articles were written this past month about customer experience, and we’re happy to share them with you! Customer experience is one of these untapped business improvement opportunities, and some firms are completely oblivious to the difference it can make in creating happy customers. February was rich with fantastic articles on how you can

Gauge Happiness Levels with this Customer Satisfaction Index Calculation

Having a successful business takes hard work and commitment. In addition, it is equally important to know your customers and your market to ensure the success of your business. You must invest in digital tools, train your employees with a service mindset and constantly optimize your customer experience. Even then, there are no guarantees. Lucky for