Ask a Customer: How Many of the Retailers Personalize Your Shopping?

This infographic, taken from the 7th annual Consumer Personalization survey (made by the E-Tailing Group), gives us a cool outlook on the customer view of personalized CX.

As you might have noticed, in the last few months, many bloggers, myself included, have been writing a lot about the personalization of CX, as it is of the major rising trends of customer experience. In this infographic, instead of checking how many companies made their customer experience personalized, E-Tailing checked how many customers feel the experiences they receive are actually personalized.

This shows a smart, innovative way to examine this CX strategy. At the end of the day, it does not matter how much we try to improve our CX. What matters is whether or not our customers can feel and appreciate it. The survey portrayed in this infographic finds that more that 50% of the customers feel that most retailers they shopped with online personalize their experience, even though they used different devices to shop. More than 25% of them said some companies do so when they use different devices, and 20% said that only few retailers personalized the experience through different devices. This shows us that personalized CX is in a good position today – many of the customers feel we care about them. The only question is, really, where will it go from here? Will it grow, be slowed down, or vanish entirely?

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