My Favorite CX Articles of the Week


Summer vacation has come to an end, our kids are back at school, and we are back to working long hours, hardly having any time to catch up on customer experience news. Luckily, I’m back with my weekly roundup, of the top CX stories!

This week, I found some special stuff: a take on the importance of CX in achieving customer loyalty, tips for optimizing CX, ways to creating governmental CX and more!

So sit back, rest and start reading – you won’t regret.

1. Earning Brand Loyalty Starts By Creating A Great Experience For Your Customers

In this article, Eric Channing Brown, shares a metaphor, which incorporate a new way to look at customer experience: customer experience as the dating scene. CX is like dating, because we won’t stay with our date if we had a horrible experience, would we?

If we have a great time though, we actually might stay, sometimes even for a long period of time. That is exactly it – if our customers enjoy and gain something from their experiences, just like we would from our dates, they would stay with the site or service providing that experience. By being that great date, and making a great first impression, you’ll gain loyal customers, and be on your way to becoming a great brand.

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2. 8 Ways to Optimize For Customer Experience

I find this article rather important: creating good CX is not easy, and optimizing the already good CX is actually pretty difficult. But fear not! Steve Macdonald from CustomerThink comes to the rescue. He has some great ideas, some of which must be mentioned here: First, his offer for paying attention to the site’s performance. That tip is simple but must be mentioned – if we monitor our site, we’ll maintain the information flow, about the people who use our website – our future customers, and their thoughts and feelings about the services we provide them. Another great tip from Macdonald, is the idea of personalization:  personalized CX “buys” the customer. Just like one wouldn’t leave his house and family,  if you make your customer feel welcome, needed, wanted and familiar, it would be hard on him to leave you


3. 4 Key Customer Experience Strategies to Become Citizen Obsessed

The field of CX exists in every sector – including the public one. The customer experience of governmental services has the upmost importance. Even though we take it for granted, try to imagine the world without it… Try to imagine having to send questions to government officials via regular mail, instead of email… Rick Parrish and Jennifer Belissent wrote this article in order to give government officials some tips on improving customer experience, and becoming “citizen obsessed.


4. Creating an intentional customer experience

Having your customer’s experience created intentionally for him or her, is an important part of a good CX. Having it intentionally created, means you know what you want your customer to feel while experiencing.

In this great article, Felecia Etheridge from Intelligentutility, offers tips for creating that experience exactly. One of the best tips is creating “customer journeys” – “all of the events and experiences that happens to a customer as they interact with you”. Creating a comprehensive set of those journeys will keep the customer content


5. Lovely Infographic: The Road to Loyal Customers

Sometimes we need to be visual – to understand a concept, many times, the best way is visualizing it. Look, for example, at this awesome infographic: in such a simple manner, it shows how branded customer experience leads us to gaining loyal customers. Instead of creating a predictable experience, or even worse, a random experience, we should make our customer’s experience a branded one. Branded experiences are remembered; the rest you can read in the article.









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