My Favorite Articles this week in Customer Experience

1. Forrester’s Customer Experience Index, Spring 2015: The Start of A Whole New Ballgame

Red Sox fan (and Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research) Megan Burns, shares the newest features in Forrester’s Customer Experience Index, that challenge brands to sustain customer loyalty. Her baseball lingo is especially fun!

2. To Grow Your Career, See The Whole Customer Experience

In this article, Nathan Safran shares findings from top analysts’ surveys on customer priorities. Trusting relationships and excellent service trumps pricing. With new job titles forming every day, a key position in top fortune 100 companies is Chief Customer Officer. It’s comforting knowing there is a C level person whose sole purpose is to take care of my needs!

3. Why Is Customer Experience Now an IT Problem? (Part II)

Here, Bill Bonney, Director of Information Security & Compliance at Intuit Inc. and UnboundID, discuss how preventing personal data leakage and keeping customer info secure, is a crucial part of customer satisfaction.

4. 12 Ways to Improve the Customer Experience for Online Shoppers

For E-commerce sites, customer retention is key when growing your business. You want to keep your online shoppers coming back for more! Jennifer Lonoff Schiff provides 12 ways you can make that happen.

5.  10 Tips to Exceed Your Telecom Customers’ Online Experience

In the telecom industry, there is almost no difference between the products or prices offered out there. It’s important to understand where/how you can find your competitive advantage. Where should the focus be? On your customers of course! Exceed your customer expectations with these useful tips.

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