My Favorite Articles About CX This Week

This week’s best articles range from how negative experiences can hurt business, to how to improve CX. All of these articles provide important insights that will help you further improve your CX and retain customer loyalty.

How Much are Bad Customer Experiences Hurting Your Business?

Forrester’s Roxana Strohmenger writes about the CX Index score and how it relates to bad customer experiences. A high score means a company has a has greater loyalty and is retaining customers we don’t need to tell you what a low score means. This index score can determine how much money is being lost and how to improve the CX Index score.

How Restaurateur Stephen Starr Expands his Empire via the Customer Service Experience

This article is an interview with Stephen Starr, a man who owns the Stephen Starr restaurant organization and has demonstrated exemplary business and expansion skills. The interview includes talks about balancing customer loyalty and “immediate buzz”, and whether to remain consistent or embrace change. The article highlights CX and how it can be utilized effectively.

4 Ways to Improve Customer Experience with Data

The article discusses how to utilize data to directly improve your customer experience. This includes tips like conducting interviews, examining data to assess customer experience and more. The article does an excellent job of highlighting how data can be used proactively to improve CX.


Customer Experience for Millennials Means Solving their Own Problems

Millennials’ expectation for customer service has increased and how many have stopped doing business with companies based on poor customer satisfaction. In the article the overwhelming trend all millennials seem to crave is that of self service. Noe one wants to speak to a customer service agent anymore and giving the next generation of customers the means to help themselves is the wave of the future.

5 Online Insurance Challenges that are Detrimental to Your Online Customer Experience Efforts

This article points out several issues that can negatively impact the customer experience. Some examples include self-service and customer frustration. The article speaks in depth about what these issues entail and offers tips on how to improve upon them, providing insight and information that may have not considered before.


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