My Favorite Articles about Customer Experience

Managing customer experience is vital for any organization that wants to improve interaction with customers throughout the customer’s life-cycle. Here are a few of my favorites write-ups of the week written about customer experience.                                     

1.Why Variation in Customer Experience Can Be a Good Thing

Based on the writer’s air travel experience overseas, the article offers a beautiful narration on why it is important to vary our customer experience to suit changing scenario. Besides the smooth narration, there are important lessons that anyone who is interested in CX matters can borrow from this article.

2.In The Digital Economy, the Customer Experience Is Critical

More people get their news online than from newspapers nowadays. With digital transactions fast replacing old methods of doing things, the need for effective customer experience is at its peak. This situation paints a factual image of just how critical CX is in the digital economy.

3. What Your Customers Are Saying (And What They Really Mean)

Customer feedback is key to making decisions that can either make or break an organization. However, most organizational managers don’t know how to listen to what the customer’s actually says. This article suggests a great way of gathering the meaning of feedback.

4. 4 Ways To Improve Customer Experience With Data

Data is quite important when it comes to solidifying market positions and approaching new ones. CX is in particular important and this article explains just how this works.

5. 10 Tips To Exceed Your Telecom Customers’ Online Experience

Maintaining excellent customer interactions online requires one to go beyond the extra mile in many ways. This article has tips on how to exceed customer expectations with your website.

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