Most Important CX Articles of the Week

The understanding that customer experience is a crucial thing for the companies gain, gets bigger every day. More and more, I hear my friends, my colleagues and my acquaintances telling me that my advice of CX saved their job, or at least, gave them a nice bonus. If you want to take part in those “bonuses”, read a couple of this weeks’ best articles in CX.

  1. Everyone needs better CX – banks included

Customer experience can be seen everywhere. In her article, Mary Wiseniewski from the American Banker went to check – how come the banking industry does not stand in the expectations for it?

  1. It’ll be big tomorrow! Top factors impacting future customer experience

This piece is all about the future. You know, that time you say you’ll be doing that thing you’ll never do? That. The difference between your future and the real future, is that the real future is coming – and it’ll be huge for everything in the CX world. This piece lists and talks about the keen factors of the future customer experience! Read for more.

  1. Media is where CX becomes big

Paul Frampton from Campaignlive brought a very interesting piece of information here – it is apparent that customer experience is enhanced by the media. What used to be back at the day is no more today. The life expectancy of a brands power is completely shattered today. Customer experience is a big part in this change, together with the emergence of the digital media. If you want to know the connection of the two – this is the article for you.

  1. The customer experience is changing everything!

This piece by First Post, is the one that maybe will make a difference you understand your customer experience. In this survey of CX priorities, made by Gartner, they found a few shocking details. Although not everything has changed, many new companies report having changes in their business models, because of the changes made in their CX. Stay tuned for more important changes!

  1. Why and how should we train for CX?

Some things you simply most know how to do. Whether it is riding a bike, talking with strangers or planning your CX training, basic knowledge is important. Every company that wants good customer experience, must know how to teach its employees to create that so called good customer experience. In this piece, you may find some useful tips for the right way to do that.


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