Measuring Customer Satisfaction

The competition between companies in different industries has been increasing to greater heights and also producing much unexpected results that can at times be very unpredictable, hence the importance of measuring customer satisfaction. One of the very best ways to monitor the performance of the company products and services is by offering the customer a chance to express themselves freely without any limitation are sense of discrimination. You can only measure the customer satisfaction rate by having their own opinions expressed freely.

This is done by conducting a customer survey of past consumers, current consumers and even potential future consumers. This is because each of these groups have the ability to provide information about the products and/ or services sold to them by the companies well enough to grade each response. The customer survey does not need to be hard at all and neither does it need to be hard or classified only for the highly educated but should evolve around gathering as much information as possible. The survey should possess sufficient choice like three to five choice answers that are easy to pick the answer from as well as understand the position of the consumers per each choice answer chosen.

Methods of Measuring Customer Satisfaction

There are many ways in which one can measure customer satisfaction and the most common method is the one mentioned above of conducting a customer survey. The other ways in which a company can measure customer satisfaction include:

1. Offering them a thank you gift. This can be done through offering your loyal customer thank gift coupons or discounts or gift cards. The gift cards will have a much higher amount of fifty dollars and above. Discounts are also great as they will enhance the customer satisfaction as they will also take into account the ability to afford the product and services they love to get at an affordable rate every once in a while.

2. You can also opt to visit them. With the new technological advancements of online live chat you don’t have to hassle to visit every single one your clients either their place of employment or even at their home this would simply not look very professional as well use up a lot of financial resource.

Therefore all you have to do is either place a customer service support team that will directly communicate with clients online on live chat or even opt to send all your clients frequent emails to check in on them and get their responses about your products and services. This will keep active interaction with your clients.

You can also opt to open either a website or webpage that has a link of getting the consumers email address and even a simple online questionnaire they can answer that can help you to measure customer satisfaction with their online answers recorded. You can also opt to call them and get their direct responses with further discussions that explain their answers and relevant opinions.

3. Conduct a focus group survey. This is usually a really great ways to measure customer satisfaction. You can simply select a group of voluntary individuals who will use your products and give responses to the level of satisfaction they manage to get from this product usage.

4. Offer your consumers a quick hard copy pamphlet with survey question which would only take less than five minutes to fill up. This is a great ways to measure customer satisfaction as they will be more effective in answering these question when they are at the premises experiencing the services offered to them. They will not confuse their level of satisfaction then with the probable mood they would have if they answered the questionnaire at a different time and place.

5. Guarantee a very positive note on your customer service personnel and also long term internal customers. This will greatly reflect on the reputation your company upholds as well as spread out to potential clients who are merging into your company. This will also have an open free platform in which any level of dissatisfaction are discussed and alternative if offered to enhance the satisfaction of customers.

6. You should also look at your clients entrance and exit rate and track these results. This will be very helpful in identifying how and why the clients were dissatisfied enough to exit the company. The identification of what has merged a major support from clients to also join their company with purchasing your products and services will also be accounted for and act as a guide in knowing the best things to do and the non appealing thing to not do.

7. You can also opt to conduct a net promoter score rating on the digital platform. You can request some of your most loyal clients to rate their level of satisfaction and recommend you company to their online social circle of friends and colleagues. This can be done by having a scale of one to ten being placed on the screen. With either one or ten being the best rating and the other, being the worst. This is the simplest form of measuring customer satisfaction as each client will answer according to their own personal opinion and there will be no sense of bias conclusions.


Measuring customer satisfaction can tend to be a tedious job for some people but it is one of the most eye opening tasks you will ever fulfill for your company. It requires direct translation of the customers expressed opinions and rates of satisfaction as they would also have the open chance to offer their own positive and negative experiences to the management.

They will feel more confident to invest with your company as their own levels of satisfaction are met with dire concentration on making sure that it is worth their money and time. Any one of the methods mentioned above can work towards enhancing the model of measuring customer satisfaction and to even make sure that your results are more widespread you can opt to utilize multiple of these survey methods in order to have definite statistics on the results.


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