Intriguing Infographic: Customer Service 101

Engagement rates with text/short message service (SMS) messages are 6-8 times higher than the rates seen with proactive email communications.

Yet, according to this infographic by West, 80% of consumers mention that they have NOT been texted by their favorite brands.

SMS is used regularly by 75% of all Americans, so the solution is simple – start offering customer service via SMS. Load time is paramount as 40% of consumers will abandon a mobile website link if it takes more than 3 seconds to load and 47% expect it to load within only 2 seconds.

Also, it is crucial that you make sure your customers have opted-in or you cannot text them, as more Americans receive text messages (68%) than eat breakfast (60%).

Lastly, text messages should not be sent after 9 PM or before 11 AM. Follow these tips and your business will be sure to see improvements in engagement rates.



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