How to use the Customer Experience Professionals Association to Get Ahead

Over the past few years, there have been dramatic changes in the business landscape. This new world has brought us exciting opportunities and new responsibilities. Anybody with an idea can create a business these days. In fact, I am creating a new startup as I write this article. Seriously, it’s called FaceFire and it…..perhaps I have said too much. Since we live in this era of change, it is easy to get swept up and lose sight of the most important aspect of our business, the customer. Here is where The Customer Experience Professionals Association will provide you with the help you need in order to succeed in this rapidly changing environment.

The Customer Experience Professionals Association

Founded in 2011, the CXPA is a global nonprofit organization that is committed to developing and improving the customer experience profession. The founders of the association realized that as the business landscape has changed customer experience professionals have been tasked with a growing amount of responsibilities. Due to these new responsibilities customer experience management has evolved into a standalone profession. In light of this emerging professional career path, the CXPA “wants to help customer experience professionals make customer experience management an integral part of how their companies operate, and to enable them to embed its skill set across their organizations”. They do so by providing cutting-edge research and educating you and your team on the topic of Customer Experience. By joining The Customer Experience Professionals Association you will have a better understanding and appreciation for the CX field.


Unmatched Network of Peers

The Customer Experience Professionals Association is built on a highly developed network of peer-to-peer sharing. All members are encouraged to share and discuss their personal stories and in fact it is quite common that even the newest of members have something to contribute. The CXPA has developed an online community to make it easy for you to find and interact with other members. The best way to grow in this business to learn from the experiences of your peers.

Enjoy a Better Customer Experience by Guiding Users Through your Product

Establishing Respected Standards

In an industry with varying definitions as to what experience and knowledge a Customer Experience professional should have, The Customer Experience Professionals Association aims to establish “a formal, well-defined and well-executed standard for [this] emerging profession”. In order to do so the CXPA has created, after in-depth research, a certification process that will provide you with the latest knowledge, skills and practices. This will enable you to achieve greater success not only with your customers but also increase job performance and help you stand out to your employer.


The Customer Experience Professionals for You

The CX industry has grown and developed to a point where it is no longer possible to negotiate the rocky terrain without the help of a strong community. The stated goal of the CXPA is “to break down the work, create standards and best practice approaches, and transfer those skills across the CXPA network.” When you join the Customer Experience Professionals Association you can be confident that you will be provided with the best knowledge in the industry and that you will be able to provide your customer with the best experience possible.

Matthew is the Lead Author & Editor of CXperience Blog. Matthew established the CXperience blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Customer Experience.