How to Improve Customer Experience

How to improve customer experience is still a mystery to many business owners. A customer is more likely to come back for more products from you, not because of the products they bought but because of the little details they can recall. Customers notice small details that overall create their experience.

How to Improve Customer Experience

Attentiveness: this is one thing you just have to give your customers if you care about their experience. 49% of clients say that staff is not listening is the biggest cause of their bad experience. It is not just you, but you should train your employees about it too. You should be able to notice even the tiniest scraps of information about your customers. Notice what they like or dislikes about your product. Address it appropriately and change for the next customers.

Be Available

In a study conducted in The US indicated that 33% of customers pointed this as a major problem. So, if you are wondering on how to improve your customer experience, you should begin by being available. The research also showed that 6% of the customers defected because the staff was not available. You should also work on answering the phone as soon as possible because 31% hang up then call a competitor. 26% hang up and forget the whole thing. You should also be mentally available not just physically available.

Be fast and always do what you said you are going to do

A Canadian research indicated that 24% of customers said that their bad experience was due delayed services. 32% said that it took too long to pay.

You should always do as you promised if you care about improving the customer experience. Give no excuses. If you think something won’t go as planned, inform your clients in time. This way, you give them an alternative to either wait for you or go to other service providers.


Greeting someone by their names makes a whole difference. Research show that 61% of customers want to be greeted. As a business person, you and your employees should try as much as possible to keep your customers information. Try to remember who they are the next time they visit. This is an excellent answer to how you can improve customer experience. If your business is about appointments, this will be a lot easier. All you do is have your reception keep all the details and know who is walking in then say that magical word, (their names). It creates a special feeling and a warm welcome.


Make it your duty to know what your customers want and how they want it even before they say it. If I have been in your restaurant for just one time and the next time I show up I find that you still remember what coffee I like, this will be an automatic sparkle. Use personalization tactics to improve your customers experience and create intense loyalty. If you are a flower vendor, and you can remember not to include a flower that makes me sneeze, I will always call you when I need flowers. One study indicated that 46% of customers said that their bad experience was due to disinterested staff.


Thinks about how it would feel if you just bought something, paid and it was just wrapped and no word after that. How about a seller who walks you to the door or open it for you and wish you a good day? If you care about how to improve the customers’ experience, you should consider helping your clients carry their purchases to their car. The help makes your customers feel appreciated and cared for.


Remember, there are many businesses dealing with the same products. At the same price or even cheaper. So, if you have to keep them coming back, you have to get creative on how you can improve their experience. Find a way to show your customers, clients, or patients that you appreciate them. If you are planning to have a sale, you can invite your customers a day earlier then the general public later. You can also give them a percent additional discount. Make them know that everything you are doing is because you appreciate them.


Do something that will put a smile, not only their faces but also in their hearts. Consider doing something nice for their kids, pets, or parents. It doesn’t have to be something big. A cookie in your office, a sweet snack, or a bunch of balloons for their kids.

Take Responsibility

Customers expect you or your employees will take immediate actions to help them in solving their problems. No one enjoys being handed on or getting the run. Reliable researchers have found that 88% of customers prefer being taken where a product is when they ask rather than sending them! In other researchers, 36% of customers said that they had a great experience the staff made a genuine attempt to help them. Taking responsibilities is one way of improving your customers’ experience. Look for the things you can do to your customers/clients, instead of telling them what you cannot do. It is the business owners’ responsibility or manager to empower your staff on taking responsibilities.

Be Honest and Genuine

This is the first thing that will give your customers a bad experience! Tell no lies; big or small. In business, transparency means everything. Honesty is the first step when it comes to improving the customer experience. If a particular product is out of stock, don’t keep your customers waiting as you go to buy it by telling them that you are getting it from your store. Be open and honest and you will be surprised to hear them say that they will come for it some other time. Dishonesty is the easiest way to destroy trust.

It’s never easy, but because your business depends on their frequent visits and testimonials plus referrals, it is worth every effort. The only competition between you and your competitors is not in the products or prices but on how to improve customer experience.

Matthew is the Lead Author & Editor of CXperience Blog. Matthew established the CXperience blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Customer Experience.