How to Give Your Customer an Unforgettable Experience

Providing your customers with an unforgettable customer experience will make new customers into returning customers. Likewise, an unforgettable customer experience may result in a reoccurring customer to be lost forever. An “Unforgettable experience” does not necessary imply good or bad.

In order to reduce the stress of giving a horrible experience that it is unforgettable, practicing better quality customer service is necessary. It was shown that 86-percent of all customers would pay more for a product if it meant they received better quality care and service. Taking these tips, you can apply them to your business to help provide a magical and unforgettable customer service experience.

Take the First Step

The average customer does not expect you to bend over backwards for them. In fact, it was shown that customers only wanted courtesy and services they feel they are entitled to as a customer. When surveys were conducted, it was shown that 40-percent of all customers would spend more on a company if they had a better, overall, customer service experience. Another survey showed businesses that 35-percent of customers want easier access to information to better process their transaction and move forward with their lives.

Essentially, every customer just wants to be given accessibility and clarity without over-consuming time.

Give Your Team Tools to Help Provide Better Service

Employees should always have access to tools that help improve customer quality. Each department needs to have access to numbers where they can communicate with one another to avoid confusion. When each department of your store has communication, including with you, the better the business functions.

Furthermore, by providing your team members with access to key files and vital information to help with customer service and delivery you alleviate wait times. The less waiting a customer has to do, the more satisfied they are guaranteed to be in your company. Morale in your team will also be boosted, as employees are able to circulate from one customer to the next with minimal restrictions

Use Time Efficiency

No person in this world likes to be on long hold times. Most often times, your customers will develop an impatience after waiting on hold for more than five minutes and hang up. Each customer that hangs up before receiving quality services has now received horrible customer quality.

Using time-efficient methods to reduce phone conversations and wait times for email responses will provide customers with better quality care. Communicating with the customer and understanding their needs and creating different departments based on that will alleviate wait times drastically and give you better time-efficient methods.

Go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

Taking the extra mile to provide your customers with answers is ideal. Customers appreciate when agents take time to investigate their options. So take a little time and ensure to show customers you are willing to go a little extra distance for them. This could lead to customer spending a substantial amount of money.


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