How to Create a Customer Experience Survey

In the current competitive business environment,  it’s important to conduct a customer experience survey so that you can receive feedback from your customers. Quality service is the difference between keeping your customers and losing them. A customer experience survey will enable you to improve your services.

How do you create a perfect customer experience survey? This is a question which is answered by the following tips:

Asking Your Customers the Right Questions

The best customer experience survey starts by first knowing what you want to ask your clients. It is recommended that you limit your survey to a maximum of 10 questions. Therefore, you need to ensure that each question has a strong purpose. As an example, you may ask questions relating to: user experience, customer experience, education and support. By considering the key areas which are important to your business, it will enable you to keep the satisfaction track. Hence, you can find customers which may give the service which you provide low scores.

You can also ask your clients questions which revolve around the overall satisfaction. This is significant as it will give the overall rating as well as giving insight on how they feel about the services of your company.

The final questions can bring in some net promoter score theory. You can ask your customers the chances of recommending you to your friends and colleagues. This is a question which reveals the customers who are happy and those who are unhappy about the services you provide.

Addition of a Company Brand and a Personal Touch 

The two factors are very vital for a successful custom survey. As you carry out the survey, you need to add a personal touch while using the company brand. This is important as it will build trust and assists your customers to fill out the right information in your survey. Hence, you should handle these critical factors and you will definitely get more actionable customer feedback and improve the response rates.

Closing the Loop with Additional Comments

After carrying out the above duties, the next step is to close the close the loop. In fact, you should encourage your customers to leave an additional feedback basing on the score they gave out. The main purpose of the questions is to get an overview of the satisfaction of the respondents. In addition, you will get a broad picture of how the clients recommend your customer support. This is also another step of getting more answers as you carry out the survey for example if they gave out a poor rating, you should ask them to give out the reason. If they recommend your services, ask them to give out a positive review. These are feedback which are supposed to circulate in the office so that your employees can address proactively the problems of the customers as well as sharing in the success of the testimonials.

Trend and Track Satisfaction 

This is used for breaking or making your efforts while measuring and improving the satisfaction of the customer.

In conclusion, a good customer experience survey is one which doesn’t overlook all the important areas. Surveys are important since it will give you an idea of the areas in which your customers are concerned about.


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