How to Crack the Code to Unforgettable Online Customer Experience

Most top organizations would claim that they create great CX by investing in high quality systems, human resources and extensive training to enhance it. But what is the missing link? With all these resources at hand, what is keeping these businesses from achieving maximum customer satisfaction?

For some, the existence of different media for business (social, call centers and mobile) has changed the way customers want to do business. For others, it is the ambiguous or overly complex systems that create customer frustration.

Whatever the obstacle, we are all searching for that key to creating superb CX. This article outlines how you can crack the code to unforgettable online customer experience for your business.

#1- Know Your Customer Needs and Adapt to Them

The key to creating a good online CX lies in understanding your customers’ needs and expectations. Use your CRM system to figure out your customers’ patterns and behaviors. Such metrics can help predict customer behavior and relevant adjustments can be made. Understanding your customer-base also requires one to figure out the avenues through which your customers reach your business.

For example, recent statistics (Courtesy of PEW Research) have shown that 71% of customers who look for businesses online do a mobile search. One important question you need to ask yourself at this point is “Are you doing enough to ensure a good mobile browsing CX experience for your customers?”

Most importantly, try putting yourself in the shoes of your customers. Try to ask yourself “If was using this system as a customer, what could I have demanded for vs. what is provided?”

Once in a while, you’ll want to peek at what your competitors are doing to enhance their CX. Take time to research the best performing organizations so you get to learn what your customers want. In the same vein, research the poor performing organizations to learn what your customers detest.

With small tweaks here and there, you can enable your organization to relate better with your customers.

#2- Provide Solutions, not Excuses

Customers world-wide look for solutions to their problems not stories and unfulfilled promises. A recent CX study done by Oracle showed that:

  • 70% of online shoppers have stopped buying from a company due to poor customer service
  • 81% would pay more just to enjoy better customer experience
  • 64% of customers confessed to migrating straight to a competing brand after experiencing poor customer service.

That being said, it is crystal clear that customers will reward organizations who resolve their problems. So, always ensure that your CX strategy goes one step ahead of what the customer expects. Look for solutions that create a win-win situation.


The secret to ensuring good online customer experience lies in you, as the CX manager, ensuring that all components of your service (CSRs, CX tools and Customers) co-exist in harmony. Aside from that, you need to adopt a modern CX system that corresponds to the ever expanding needs of your online audience. Tools like WalkMe, for example, are quite useful in ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.







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