Great Video: The Evolution of Customer Experience

In this video by SAP CRM, we get a glimpse of CX history. It is not a schoolish history lesson, so do not fall asleep – without our history, how can we evolve in the future?

According to Jamie Anderson, back in the days, customer experience was in the companies’ full control. They chose for us, the customers, what we wanted. They said what’s hip, what’s hop, what’s good and what’s not. Today, the customer is the one who has the control.

With the internet, the power to say what brand or product we want, how we want it and why we want it that way. The power of choice came back to our loving hands. As a part of that, the no. 1 asset of any SaaS company, according to SAP CRM, is contextual marketing.

It’s about aiming to the liking of every customer out there, reaching to each one of them, and creating a deep connection with them – as if they were one, and standing right in-front of us.

I see this  as a way of thinking about CX as an upgrade of customer service – the target is making the customers feel they are as close to the company (or the product),  as someone receiving a service from the local salesman. We need to make everyone feel special and at home.

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