Great Ted Talk: The Technology of Storytelling

As Joe Sabia reminds us in this great video, the way we tell stories is constantly changing. In the last hundred years alone, we’ve moved from pop-up books to iPads – and that’s a good thing. The main message of Sabia’s talk is that we should use the new technologies available to us to enhance the storytelling experience. From the perspective of CX, this means using new technology to enhance the experience of the customer across all platforms. Every new piece of technology is a new tool for you to help improve CX.

Another key point from Sabia’s talk is the importance of storytelling. Since ancient times, humans have been hardwired to tell stories. The medium we use may change, but the drive to create stories won’t. This makes stories a great way of enhancing CX. They create an emotional connection between your business and your customers, create a deeper level of engagement, and demonstrate to customers how your product or service ultimately helps to make life better. The successful CX of the future will make the most of storytelling and new technology to create the best experience possible.



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