Funny Video: Could You have Handled the Soup Nazi CX?

If you’re a Seinfeld fan (and even if you’re not) – you gotta love to hate the Soup Nazi.

His customer service is just the worst! The way he treats his customers, the way he neglects them, insults them, and berates them – it’s just all wrong.

But customer service is merely one aspect of the customer experience. I can handle less-than-stellar customer service. What I can’t handle is downright crappy customer service.

In the Soup Nazi’s restaurant, you can’t pre-order your meal. You can’t order takeaway, and shame on you for thinking about ordering online (true, the show took place before the age of the smartphones, but I doubt he was working on a website…). This means that there is absolutely no way to override the awful service!

Would you be able to handle this? Here’s a reminder of what you’ll be up against.


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