Developing a Customer Focus

Among other factors, the business’ customer focus goes a long way in directly determining sales, profit and consequently success in the specific niche in the market. As such, it is important that the business not only show effort in satisfying customer’s needs in the short term, but also develop a rich and strong culture of focus on the customer.

Developing a Customer Focus

The Essence of Customer Focus in the Business

Customer focus entails aligning all the sectors and aspects of the business to be oriented towards first satisfying the customers’ needs before addressing other issues. This consequently ensures that all the other aspects in the business are aligned towards meeting the customers’ needs.

As such, customers are able to enjoy better services customized to their needs. This helps retain clients while also attracting new potential customers who may feel dissatisfied in other business organizations. It also helps to develop the business’ reputation; growing its brand name and consequently increasing its presence and leverage of competing in the market.

Developing a Rich Culture of Customer Focus in the Business

Like other virtues in the business organization, focus on the customer is grown and developed through certain measures relevant to the customer’s satisfaction either directly or indirectly. Here is a look at great tips for developing comprehensive and quality customer focus:

• Improving on customer service

The quality of customer services offered to clients directly impacts on their satisfaction with the business as a whole; regardless of the quality of products and other commodities offered. Consequently, this goes a long way in developing and growing effective customer focus.

As such, it is important that you identify and outline all the relevant customer services due to your clients. These will depend primarily on the nature of the business as well as types of products and/or services offered. Acknowledge this and start issuing out the relevant services to your base of clients to their convenience and to also help improve their satisfaction and perception of the business.

• Determine the customers’ specific needs and wants

Different people have varying tastes and preferences, and understanding the preferences and ideas of your customers will help you issue better and customized customer services.

To do this, you can issue surveys to repeat and novice customers as well to collect their honest opinion about different aspects of the business. This will help cover certain aspects which may have not been apparent when identifying the relevant customer services to offer to clients. It will also help build and develop a stronger and clearer customer focus.

You can also set up facilities where clients can present complaints to speak out on wanting issues in the business. These complaints should be reviewed regularly and addressed in a timely manner to ensure that the affected clients’ needs are met. This will help improve on wanting factors, regardless of how minor, and also contribute to a strong and effective customer focus for the business in the long run.

• Create awareness among employees

While you may certainly go a long way to ensure that clients are satisfied and that the business develops a strong focus on customers; your efforts may be derailed or even botched by incompetent employees and members of the staff. This is because the employees tend to interact more with the clients as compared to you; and clients on the other hand tend to hold the business responsible for the employees’ actions.

As such, it is important that you make employees and all staff members aware of the importance of good customer services and focus. This should not be done in an authoritative manner as is the norm with other business practices as then the employees will not hold much weight to it. Instead, it should be done in such a manner that all employees understand and acknowledge it so that the employees offer great customer services willingly and naturally in the long run.

In addition to creating awareness, it is important to also train the employees on the right way to treat customers. They should also be equipped with the right mentality and leadership qualities to help them make the right and best decisions when faced with unique situations and cases from clients. This will help improve their feeling of responsibility and obligation in the business; easing work for the manager and speeding up customer services.

• Make use of customer incentives

To help improve the customers’ perception of your business, it is important that you also make use of different customer incentive measures in addition to these other measures.
You can take measures like offering promotions, rebates on certain products and services and even giveaways to loyal and novice customers alike. These may come at a small cost to the business, but they help build a string foundation for your business’ customer focus. It will also come as a convenience to clients; helping meet some of their needs and wants and consequently developing and spreading a great reputation about the business.

• Observe the competition

It is important to understand and acknowledge that you are only one player in a wide market. The rest of the business’ decisions and actions, especially towards customers also affect your business and prospects of acquiring additional clients or even losing from your pool of repeat customers.

As such, it is important to keep close tabs on the actions of your competitors. This will help you make right decisions on how to relate to your customers. You are able to keep track of emerging customer service and customer focus trends to ensure that your clients do not miss out on the benefits enjoyed by other clients elsewhere. You will also be able to identify the shortcomings of your competitors and improve on them to your clients’ convenience and also to help lure potential customers to you.


The success of the business in the market both in the long and short term depends primarily on the satisfaction of clients. As such, it is important to develop and grow customer focus for the business to ensure that your pool of clients is always satisfied not only with the products and services offered, but also that potential clients find an informed and justified reason to make a change to your business.


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