Customer Touch Points Defined

The major step of ensuring that your business thrives in the competitive market is by defining all your customer touchpoints. Basically, when your client is satisfied with your products and service delivery, it is a clear indication that he will consider doing business with you in future and refer you to other prospects.

This therefore explains that your customers are the most significant asset in your business and it is prudent to ensure that they are well-taken care of in all aspects. Working on your customer touchpoints is the ideal strategy of attaining this and here are some of the touch points you need to work on;

Business Website

This is arguably the highly used platform that numerous customers use to make their shopping and purchases these days. This is because online shopping is convenient and very easy to carry out thus enabling such clients to browse your website and look for their preferred goods and services.

Therefore, ensure that your website is user-friendly and artistically designed to create the needed impression. It is also vital to be certain that your website can be navigated through easily by the clients and offers necessary assistance to the customers when such needs arise.

Telephone Ordering Service

This is another one of the vital customer touchpoints that you should work on to enhance your business. This is because many customers still prefer to deal with an actual person when making their purchases which in most cases, usually happens after the normal working hours.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that an expedient telephone ordering system is provided to the customers which is reliable and offers impeccable services to the clients. Ensure that you staff members are well trained to handle calls in a professional manner and that they are courteous in all aspects when interacting with the clients.

Delivery and Follow-up Services

These are also vital customer touchpoints that you should perfect on to enable your business to thrive and expand. If your business deals with goods that need to be delivered to clients, it is appropriate to ensure that they are delivered in a professional way and on time.

It is also important to ensure that you carry out an effective follow-up service on any aspect that revolves around your business. It could be a technical issue or damaged product but whatever the case, ensure that you provide a chivalrous and indulgent follow-up service regardless of the channel that has been used to contact you regarding the service or product.


This is also another great touch point that you need to work on so as to improve your business. Many retail businesses have outlets where clients visit physically to search and purchase their desirable products. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the store provides an ideal impression to the clients in terms of the appearance, layout, convenience, atmosphere and quality service.

Be certain that all your employees are professional, friendly to the customers and well-informed about your products. This will definitely enable them to like the place thus making it one of the most fundamental customer touchpoints that you should never overlook.




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