Customer Feedback Questions You Should Be Asking

Customer feedback questions can play an essential role in enhancing customer experience, but the feedback has to be actionable. Your customers are a valuable source of information and the information that you collect from them can help you to enhance your business in general. This information allows you to identify ways to change your processes, services or products to enhance customer experience. It also improves your understanding of the market.

There are various  questions that you can use to boost customer experience. The questions can be tailored to match the specific products and services that you offer.

Customer Feedback Questions You Should Be Asking

What specific products or services were you pleased with?

This kind of question allows you to get specific feedback from your customers. The customer will highlight the products and services they enjoy and the particular features that meet their requirements. Your customer may compliment you about a feature that you were not aware of, giving you an opportunity to build on it in future projects.

Is there anything that you would like us to add to our design or inventory?

This is one of the customer feedback questions that focus on what is missing in the customer experience you offer. This is a direct question that encourages your customers to consider the specific elements missing in the customer experience. If you were to ask, “What would satisfy you?” customers may find it difficult to come up with an answer because you are essentially asking them about what they want. People are not always sure about what they want and this is why your questions should persuade them to think. Encourage your customers to describe an ideal buying experience. This will give you greater insight into some of the things you need to change.

How can we make things easier for you?

This allows you to deal with any frustrating elements of the customer experience and helps to eliminate any limitations that your customers may be facing. It allows them to come up with solutions to help you make the experience easier for them. Most customers assume that there are certain things that will never change, leading to frustration. When you ask this question, it lifts the restriction on their thinking and allows them to visualize potential changes.

How can we make it easier for you access and navigate our website?

This is a specific question about the online customer experience. As you know, online presence is essential for every modern business and this makes this one of the most important  questions to ask. A specific question about their online experience will offer more valuable insight compared to a general one.

Why did you buy our products or services?

This is a great way for you to find out about your strengths from the customers’ perspective. Customer feedback questions can reveal strengths that you may not have been aware of. It is important to phrase this question carefully. You do not want to seem doubtful about your capabilities.

What would you tell someone who asks about our product?

This is a great question that helps to reveal what the customers really feel about your company. It is important to pay attention to the initial response because it discloses what they think about their experience with your company and you will start to learn about your reputation among clients.

What is the best attribute about our company?

This allows you to determine the specific thing that your customers value. They may value your customer support or service. It is important to get specifics when you ask this question. You need to focus on experiences, words, and phrases that the customers keep mentioning in their responses. Some of them may seem insignificant to you but they are important to the customers. You may have to alter your approach to make sure your products and services offer better value.

What made you choose our products or services over the other options in the market?

This is one of the customer feedback questions that allow you to discover your service or product differentiator. The answers you get will give you competitive intelligence that can be valuable when you want to improve your customer experience.

What do our competitors do better than us?

This is a question that allow you to learn about your competitors’ strengths from your customers’ perspective. The information that you get will help you come up with new ways to differentiate yourself from the competitors.

How did you hear about our product? 

This is an ideal question if you want to know how easy it is for customers to find you online. The answers you will receive allow you to learn about the specific phrases and keywords that you should use on your online pages.

What problem does our service or product solve for you?

It is important to know exactly how your products and services meet your customers’ needs. The feedback you get helps you to determine if there are any changes that need to be made in order to improve their experience with the products and services you offer.

Would you recommend our products or services to other people?

This is an ideal choice if you are looking for a question that will give you insight into customer satisfaction. The information you get will help you to understand why you get referrals and the exact phrases and words that your customers use when they are describing your company and the products and services that you offer.

What other company can we learn from?

This is another question that allows you to learn about your competitors and companies in other sectors and how the market perceives them. It is a good way to identify the specific companies that your customers consider role models in the business environment. You can learn valuable lessons about the things customers value. A customer may highlight an experience that is not offered in your industry.


Companies have to ensure they create customer experiences that are influenced by their customers’ needs. You have to meet the needs of your customers to attain success. These kinds of customer feedback questions help you to gather the information you require to enhance customer experience.


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