Great Video: From Service to Experience

“Customer experience was once customer service, and then it started to expend beyond the one-on-one interaction you have with people.” I could have summarized this short yet great video, but this quote by customer service experience expert Shep Hyken does it best. In the video, Hyken goes over the evolution of customer experience, from customer

Test Yourself – How Much Do You Know About Customer Experience?

Customer experience is a tricky business. If you want to do it well, you must really understand what you’re doing. With customer experience being an ever-evolving ecosystem, it’s important to keep learning, even when we think we already know enough. The problem is that improving ourselves can be hard, and sometimes even boring. So we

10 Companies with an Oscar – Worthy Customer Experience Strategy

The Academy awards are getting closer, and all the “Oscar Buzz” got me thinking… Sometimes, I get the feeling that we’re too busy criticizing companies for their customer experience, that we forget to praise them. Is that the best way to enhance CX and encourage innovation? I doubt that. Therefore, in the spirit of the

4 Critical Stages of Customer Experience Journey Mapping to Maximize ROI

According to research conducted by CEB, 94% of customers who have a low-effort customer service experience will buy from that same company again. Customer experience journey mapping offers a powerful tool to understand and enhance that experience, and ultimately increase revenue. A successful CX journey map demonstrates how the customer views the entire experience from

How to Convince your Boss to Send you to a Customer Experience Conference in 2016

“Wanna Get Away?” That is what Southwest airlines famously asked in their ads featuring regular people in embarrassing situations. Getting away isn’t only for an amazing vacation in Hawaii, it’s also an amazing professional opportunity that can help you further your career.  Here are some of the benefits to attending a customer experience conference that

[QUIZ] How Well Do You Know the Thought Leaders of Customer Experience?

We follow their tips, we read their articles, and we devour their every word, but do we REALLY know them? Don’t know what about you, but I spent parts of my winter break on Playbuzz. Love their quizzes and games. However, I could not find fun customer-experience related activities there. This led us to create