Customer Experience – Top 5 Weekly Articles

Plenty of interesting articles and blog posts were written this past week about employee training, but since we all have jobs, keeping track can be challenging. To ease things as much as possible, I gathered the top 5 articles I found online, which provide interesting and new aspects and perspectives on training management.

1. Brand or Customer Experience: Who Leads, Who Follows?

The brand of a product is usually an important aspect of shaping the mechanism and way of work of any company. The main question asked by David Cooperstein from Forbes in this piece, is “does the brand have greater or lesser importance of than customer experience? I don’t like spoiling the ending, but I would say that the answer may surprise some of you. This piece is a must-read for any CXer.


2. How Steve Jobs Would Improve Your Customer Experience

Steve Jobs sure left his mark on the world. Whether it is through the iPhone I carry with me as an extra limb, the iPad I am typing on in this very moment, or the iPod I tune in to at the gym. But Steve Jobs was much more than cool devices, he was the heart and soul of customer experience. . In this great article, dedicated to the man and the legend, Micah Solomon from Inc. uses one of Jobs’ greatest quotes: “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology–not the other way around”.


3. Australian And New Zealand Firms Say CX Is A Top Priority – But Do They Really Mean It?

In this article, Tom Maccan from Forrester focuses on aspect challenge many companies face with: the gap between companies’ customer experience strategy, and the companies’ general strategy. According to a survey presented in the article, “only one-third have a CX strategy that’s actually aligned with the overall company strategy” in Australia and New Zealand. Such a large gap is quite alarming for us CX people.


4. 5 Tools You Must Know About to Improve Your Customer’s Online Insurance Experience

If you are ever in need of improving CX (and you should always be in such need), utry this article. I gathered the best tools for CX improvement in online insurance, for you to try and be impressed: WalkMe, StatCounter, Wisepops, Survey Gizmo and Instanda, were all chosen for their ability to simplify customer experience and thus increase customer satisfaction. Take a look.


5. 3  Tactics for Optimizing Customer Experiences, not Touchpoints

This astonishing paper by Jacob Silver, is trying to take a more holistic view on customer experience. Instead of understanding the customer as the one receiving our ideas, as the one using our products, he offers us to change our way of thinking. According to Silver, we need to understand the customer. He or she are not the last link in the row of experience, and not here to “receive” our ideas for a nice experience. Instead, the customers give us the details of the experience needed. The ways Silver offers for improving CX holistically are three: listening to the customer, focusing on important data and making the needed paradigm shift.


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