Customer Experience Research Methods

Customer experience research is the most important but difficult way for any organization to measure the satisfaction level of the consumers of its products and services. You can base your research on the feedback of your customers but in many cases it has been observed that most of the satisfied users prefer to keep quiet. Some of the satisfied as well as unsatisfied users may pass their views to the service providers but most of them even do not find it necessary to contact them.

The services and products provided by an organization can be improved on the basis of quantitative as well as qualitative data collected by customer experience research. Most of the businesses base their research for customer experience by improving customer-employee relationships and setting standards for their marketing strategy but still they have to find out new methods to get better feedback for this purpose. Some of the methods that can be used in this regard are provided here under for your consideration.

Various Methods for Customer Experience Research

Customer surveys: One of the commonest methods of researching for the customer experience is surveying customers, if they are not contacting you in this respect. Most of the consumers do not bother to contact the service providers of satisfying products and services due to their busy schedule. The organization can use various digital as well as non-digital ways to survey their users including phone calls and emails etc. They can also get qualitative feed back by allowing their customers to give their weighted answers of your questions to them. You can get changing trends in customer experience by conducting such surveys repeatedly.

Recognize the expectations of the customers: Companies can improve their customer experience by recognizing their expectations from them. They can satisfy their customers more efficiently by providing suitable services after understanding their expectations. They should make efforts in recognizing their expectations in terms of their products and services to improve the level of customer experience in this regard.

Recognize your points of failure: If you are unable to get high level response of customer experience then it is necessary for you to recognize where your products and services fail to satisfy your customers. You should focus on your marketing strategies which should advertise your products and services evenly. You should find out if any promises done which are not met through your services. Improving your managerial skills by attending seminars can also help in improving the pace of your business. You should also recognize the communication gaps between you and your customers and deploy new means of communication to fill up that gap.

Evaluate the competition in the market: You can also conduct customer experience research by assessing the level of competition in the market. You should try to know how consumers compare your products and services with others. You should base your decisions on the judgment of the customers. You can conduct surveys or invite the customers to give their judgment after contrasting and comparing your products and services.

Identify essential points: You can research for customer experience on the basis of the information collected about level of satisfaction in regard to your products and services. Information about products purchased by the consumers, their likes and dislikes, their expectations and suggestions can be collected to make improvements in products and services in future as per their expectations.

Evaluation of emotional aspects: Customer experience about a particular product after buying it mainly depends on its quality. The data collected about the quality and reliability of the product and satisfaction level of the customers should match with the feedback received through surveys and other methods. You can base the level of consumers’ satisfaction on the comments passed by them. You should promptly change your marketing strategy if your customers are dissatisfied.

Loyalty of the customers: While researching for customers experience their likelihood of buying your products and services will show their loyalty about you. Customers buy your products and services repeatedly if they are satisfied with their quality and worth. In fact a customer is loyal to you and your products and services if he recommends them to his family and friends. Thus the customer experience can be assessed on the basis of their satisfaction, tendency to repeat and probability of recommending them to others.

Repurchase intention: Normally people end to repurchase any product or service if they are satisfied with its quality and price. You can also base your research for customer experience on this factor as it will help you in making your future strategies. Satisfied customers can also influence the purchasing trends of other people through social media platforms as well as mouth publicity etc.

Monitor the customers: You can monitor your customers to research for customer experience through email, phones, online chat as well as social media networks. Monitoring them through automated interactions on phones can also help in getting real idea about their response in this regard.

Feedback cards: It is another method of researching for customer experience as you can get their comments about your products and services by distributing feedback cards among them.

Other methods of Assessment of Customer Satisfaction

Liking and disliking of the customers sometimes depend upon various other factors including other benefits provided along with the main products and services. The quality of products attached with the main product as per the expectation of the customers can also influence customer experience. The information provided about the products and services through advertisement and other means along with their personal experience can also influence the attitude of the customers. Usefulness of your products and services can also change their level of satisfaction. Customers usually judge any product or service on the use of its occasion and application for which it has been purchased.

Thus the methods discussed here above can help any organization in conducting its customer experience research for improving its marketing strategies for future. You can improve your products and services on the basis of the results of customer experience research.


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