The Week’s Articles Reads in CX

This Week’s Best in Customer Experience addresses the B2B customer experience, frustration free CX and even the changing role of retail customer experience. 1. No Small Change: Rethinking the Retail Customer Experience In this article by Tricia Morris she argues it’s time to make some serious improvements to the digital experience in retail. With some

This Week’s Best Articles in CX

This Week’s best involves influence in CX. These articles address the very best influencers in the field, the influence of technology and of customer experience giants like Amazon. I hope you will enjoy these articles for their important nod to industry influence. 1. 5 Ways Amazon Changed Has Changed How Everyone Thinks about Customer Service

This Week’s Best in Customer Experience

From improving roadmap design, to examples of extraordinary (and viral) Thank You Campaigns to improve CX, this week’s best present thoughtful challenges to us all. 1. Customer Experience Maturity Roadmap Lynn Husaker wrote this article about exceptional roadmap design and its work in achievement of sustained ROI in customer experience. If you’re looking to achieve

This Week’s Best Reads in CX

This week’s best are about building the right kind of customer loyalty, understanding the importance of customer service strategy, and finally about finding innovative ways to build and enhance customer loyalty with improvements to your online experience. I think you’ll find this week’s articles to be informative myth-busters. 1. 7 Ways to Keep Customers (Really)

The Week’s Best in CX

1. Customer Service Leadership: How to Transform the Behavior of Customer-Facing Employees Micah Solomon’s article addresses the importance of developing leadership in customer service. This article uses a few excellent customer service examples to help better understand the importance of leadership and of finding one’s purpose in CX. 2. The 5 Habits of Customer-Centric Companies

This Week’s Best of Customer Experience

1. One Easy Way To Tell What You (Or Your Customers) Really Love Martin Khin’s article about the keys to understanding and interpreting customer engagement via customer behavior. 2. The 60 Second Customer Experience Evaluation This article by Flavio Martin walks us through 60 seconds of questions which will provide you with a more solid

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1. Customer Experience Superstars: Their Celebratory Give & Take This article by Kate Nasser speaks to the importance of how super stars of customer care interact with their customers to inspire daily excellence. 2. Customer Experience 101: Navigating today’s data minefield Chris Ward’s article about sifting through and finding important data is excellent. If you