Customer Experience March 2016 Monthly Roundup

This month’s article roundup is full of precious insights for anyone involved in customer experience. These articles discuss the variations needed for mobile customer experience when it comes to retail, in addition to common mistakes made when designing CX for millennials. I’ve also included a fascinating analysis based off of various studies about CX, and the major effects it has on companies and brands.

 1. How to Build a Seamless Customer Experience

Answer the right questions in the right place, create a clear customer experience path, and speak the same language as your customers. These are all professional tips offered by customer experience guru Jeanne Bliss in this great article, which also includes parts of her book.Boost Usability by Providing Each Customer with Instant Onscreen Support

Boost Usability by Providing Each Customer with Instant Onscreen Support

2. Customer Experience and the Unexploited Profit Opportunity

Read about the amazing discoveries made when customer experience meets the banking industry. The discussions also focus on a company’s brand, and how that can be reinforced by simply providing the right type of customer experience.


3. Salesforce Report Finds Customer Experience Is Key

Salesforce statistics and analytics are always a great source to help learn more about customers. The SaaS giant is so widespread that the information it shares provides a wide outlook on the current consumer market. Read more and find out about the customer experience insights taught by the “2016 State of Marketing” report by Salesforce.


4. Customer Experience – It’s Not About Being great, It’s About Being Effortless

This article is a real myth buster when it comes to confronting the typical views of customer experience. The author focuses on the practical side of the process, and even advocates that constantly surprising and attempting to pass expectations does not result in increased brand loyalty. It can even provide negative ROI at times.


5. How To Put Mobility at The Heart of Customer Experience

This one is for all those retailers out there- the world is going mobile and so is customer experience. Read about how to positively impact client engagement by simply adapting your CX methods to the small screen of a mobile phone. The physical interaction provided is beneficial for both the company and the customer.


6. Preparing For The New Digital Customer Journey

Customer experience has to be delivered through a multi-channel method in order to truly reach all your customers and offer easy accessibility. By utilizing this method, your business will be provided with cross platform analytics that will improve your real time decision making, and make it a lot more reliable.


7. Customer Experience Strategies And Millennials

There are several wide spread misconceptions regarding millennials, and what exactly is needed to gain their loyalty. Customer experience strategies should definitely adapt to fit this unique crowd, and this article is a great sneak peek on how to do just that.


8. Are You Competing on Customer Experience to Keep Up, Get Ahead, or “Leave a Dent”?

Using data published by Gartner regarding marketing and customer experience, the author offers some research backed insights regarding customer experience and identifying the ‘secret sauce’ that makes it great.






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