Customer Experience Best of February 2016  

Some great articles were written this past month about customer experience, and we’re happy to share them with you!

Customer experience is one of these untapped business improvement opportunities, and some firms are completely oblivious to the difference it can make in creating happy customers. February was rich with fantastic articles on how you can utilize the customer experience to draw more clients and retain the existing ones. I especially recommend reading on the customer experience gap and how to identify it and learn from the research done on the connection between branding and good customer experience.


Do You Measure Your Customer Experience?

Clearly, many brands don’t deliver the kinds of mind-blowing experiences they think they do. A big part of the problem is the huge power shift happening in the marketplace today, as customers have more of everything now—more power, more information, more options and more ability to stop interacting with a business that’s not providing them with the best experience possible. In this article, Elizabeth Magill presents some interesting statistics that shows the importance of keeping customers happy.


4 Steps for Building a Better Customer Experience

This article by Angela Hausman offers some key steps customer experience managers need to take when looking to create a meaningful customer experience: develop persona, craft a customer journey map or maps, identify the critical path through the customer journey including use of different devices and uncovering roadblocks, and last but not least  – optimize customer experience.


The Secret of a Successful Customer Experience

While researching for this best of the month collection, I came across this original article by Joseph Ruiz, depicting a connection between Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and employee engagement. The potential when connecting the two is immense and directly connected to the success of the customer experience.

The Customer Experience Performance Gap

Pay attention – there is a growing customer experience gap in many companies. All of us have suffered from a bad customer experience at some point, and some of us have taken these experiences as lessons-learned for their own company’s customer experience.  The number one cause for bad customer experience is the incorrect prioritizing by the firm, investing resources in places the customer is not affected by. Customer experience should become the long term strategic goal of every manager.


Customer Experience And Brand Value Are The Same Thing

According to the research presented in the article, customer experience is way more important for a firm’s success than its brand image. Nevertheless, there is no real need to choose between the two. Companies that invest in customer experience will boost their own brand image as well, thus making it a clever investment.


Optimizing Customer Experience

Want a great customer experience? The employee is the one you should be focusing on. The reason behind this is that your employees are the voice and face of your company, and a happy satisfied face is one that’s being provided with great customer experience.  Face-to-face, nonverbal communication is the key of positive powerful customer service, according to Linda Fanaras.


 Gauge Happiness Levels with this Customer Satisfaction Index Calculation

Having a successful business takes hard work and commitment. There are no guarantees. In addition, it is equally important to know your customers and your market to ensure the success of your business. Lucky for you, there is something called the customer satisfaction index calculation, and it may be the answer to your prayers. This article provides you with the calculation form plus some useful tips.


Customer Experience Is The New Battleground In Business

Recent Gartner research suggests this is the year companies will contest mainly on the customer experiences they provide. This article is analyzing the different tactics and strategies these companies can engage in to truly bring out their unique customer experience and use it seamlessly with their marketing teams to boost the firm’s growth.


Is Your Customer Experience the Stuff That Legends are Made Of?

An interesting take on customer experience, looking at the idea of “legendary customer experience,” and our interpretation of it. Annette Franz analyzes the combination of elements and the defining characteristics of a customer experience that is simply perfect. The most important thing to remember is, according to her, remembering that performance-expectation=satisfaction.



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