Customer Experience Best of May

May has been a great month for the customer experience industry. These 8 articles are a must read for anyone designing the customer journey or interacting with the end user on the front lines. Learn how to get the most out of every interaction with your customers, and read about some of the professional tips offered by customer experience veterans.


1. When Customer Experience Gets Sacrificed On The ROI Altar

The main problem many have run into lately has been simply abandoning the CX, and essentially giving up on quantifiable rise in revenue. The important advice given by the author is to take a break and do your homework in order to set up your experience exactly right the first time.


2. 9 Easy Ways to Improve Customer Experience

This is the ultimate list of 9 ways to make sure customer experience is done the right way. From app messaging, to personalized experience, and even streamlining the checkout experience, each method will lead to that enjoyable customer experience that will provide a business with a lot more engagement.


3. Data-Driven Customer Experience: The Challenge Of Openness

Data, taking potential information and turning it to valuable analytics, is a game changer for customer experience. This is especially relevant for large corporations who gather enormous amounts of data by the minute from thousands of customer engagements. See valuable statistics that will help you take advantage of what the analytics have to offer.

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4. Why Customer Experience is the Real Key to Brand Authenticity

The author discusses the surprising findings from a global report on branding. The report suggests that brand authenticity is derived from its customer service and that it’s one of the chief factors in determining revenue. This is especially true when looking at the big picture, as 78% of customers think the brands that sell to them are dishonest.


5. Customer Experience Drives Loyalty

The previous article provides a nice segue for this interesting read. This article focuses specifically on telecom operations and the immense damage they endure once customer support becomes faulty. This short interview highlights the importance of good customer experience.


6. Best Practices of a Winning Customer Experience

Hiring the right people for your front lines, and making sure the packaging describes and fits the product are some of the great CX tips shared by the professionals in this article. The author’s tips are well informed and based on the awarded companies in the field of CX.


7. Does Data Analytics Help Deliver Superior Customer Experiences?

29% of executives worldwide who currently use data analytics have seen a significant shift across the board in their ability to deliver superior customer experiences. This means that there is a certain trend that changes the way customer experience works and many executives are beginning to notice it. Learn more about the ongoing changes to CX and how to adapt.


8. Chrome OS Might Soon Have Google Play Support – Will it Take CX to the Next Level?

Rumors have been buzzing on various news outlets after Reddit user TheWiseYoda stumbled upon an option which allowed Android apps to run on Chromebook.  Are these rumors true, and if so how will this affect customer experience?


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