Creating a Killer Customer Engagement Strategy

Consumers can also be termed as people with a rapidly evolving consumption behavior, which calls for a killer customer engagement strategy. It is important to note that consumers pay keen attention on prices of different brands. In addition to that, consumers are very selective on the brands of products they allow in their consumption basket. Each impression or encounter plays a significant role in influencing the consumption trend. Such changes or complexity of the consumer behavior pose great challenges to different business organizations in maintaining their consumers.

Generally, a customer engagement strategy involves focusing on the wants, behaviors, likes and emotions of the consumer. A killer strategy can be said to be a strategy that is relevant to the current market structure and on time in responding to different customers’ needs. However, it is equally important to note that human beings vary in their consumption behavior. Just like in sports, some people like football while others prefer basketball.

Creating a Killer Customer Engagement Strategy

1. Getting your entire group members on the same page

Many companies or marketing departments comprises of individuals working on different projects or programs. Such a set up can be challenging to coordinate and easily register losses or low profits. Bringing the entire team on the same page ensures that the engagement program is the centre of all programs such as SEO or social media and centrally coordinated. The next step is to get all members of your team formulate all possible questions regarding your brand that are likely to be raised by the consumers. However, such questions are best formulated by individuals who deal directly with the consumers.

In addition to the above steps, it is important to explore the niche your company falls under, such a move help understand your rivals as well as the strategies being employed by your opponents. Secondly, you need to define your target group/ ideal consumers, is it a specific region, male or female? Lastly, the questions, answers or any findings made by the team members should be set on a common dive such as the Google Drive that is accessible by all members of the team or company. The marketing department should only reinforce the activities of the entire company.

2. Increase your multimedia usage

It is important to have videos or pictures to shed more light on your brand of products particularly technical products such as electronics. Many consumers tend to first search for what they wish to purchase to learn more about the product. Away from the price, such consumers will tend to go for the most appealing product. It is also important to upload such videos or images on different social media platforms to reach a wider consumer base. Nevertheless, videos are more useful as compared to images. The great thing about videos is that they help explain complex concepts regarding the product at ease.

In addition to that, videos leave a lasting impression in the mind of the consumers. However, in a situation where one chooses images over videos, it is crucial to have well explained quality and captivating images. In short, videos or images help build your online presence as well as your consumer community. Videos and images are more appealing than plain texts-few people are great funs of reading long explanations! Round up your long explanations in a single image or a well explained video.

3. Leverage your social reach

Social media platforms play a crucial role in improving one’s online presence. However, it does not stop at building a strong online presence, it is equally important to properly manage your social reach in order to maintain your potential customers. Such moves will help attract new customers. A social media website can come in handy in attracting more consumers. Such a website ought to have social media buttons (tweeter, facebook or LinkedIn) to allow sharing of information among the consumers.

Lastly, you need to be socially active which can be achieved through sharing of posts, following your consumers as well as liking their contents. In short, your social reach should enhance constant and frequent communication with your community of consumers. Such communication help create a larger pool of potential consumers as well as introduce new products at ease.

4. Quality content

Well, all companies and marketing department are doing the same thing-increasing their online presence. The only way to beat such companies at their own game is improving the quality of your products as well as what you are posting, it has proved to be one of the best consumer engagement strategies. Quality content helps induce your potential consumers into buying your brand. Generally, visitors are likely to share what they find out regarding a given brand of products. Mind you they as well share damaging information too!

Both offline and online advertising can be amalgamated to achieve better results. In addition to that, discounts and contest can help market your company further. Contests are widely known for making different products viral which translates to a larger pool of consumers. However, this is only possible through frequent updating of quality and relevant information.

5. Establish automated content updates

Email marketing can greatly help in creation of automated content updates. Aweber as well as Mail chip can help setup Blog Broadcasts. Such broadcasts are able to send an alert to all subscribers once you publish something new regarding your brand of products. Nevertheless, automated content updates ought to be accompanied by autoresponder series. In short, the company should have a system that responds to issues raised by the consumers as soon as possible.


It is evident that a well consumer engagement strategy can help create a larger pool of consumers. That notwithstanding, such a strategy helps respond to issues raised by the consumers thus maintaining the customers’ loyalty. Well, if you are stranded on how to maintain your current number of consumers or attract more customers, all you need is a well planned consumer engagement strategy to keep your consumers demanding for more. Applying these strategies will help you grow your business.


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