Cool Video: 5 Customer Experience Trends For 2016

Just as business models are changing, the way we engage with brands is changing too. Blake Morgan, a very well-known contributor for Forbes magazine, made this cool video. In it, we see a short but a wide-ranged review, of 5 customer experience trends that should expand during 2016.


Morgan’s predictions focus on the change in perception when it comes to customer experience, where more and more businesses treat their customers as guests at their home. For example, she predicts that video customer service will become a more significant part of the whole customer experience idea in the near future. More and more people are using videos for service purposes, and many companies now offer such videos – American express, for example.


Morgan’s second prediction regards the “internet of things”: in the future, and even today, in a way, everything is connected online, and accessible to everyone, anywhere. Morgan mentions that, like the Tesla car, items can be activated automatically and autonomously, which is something that’ll become a great part of customer experience in the upcoming year.


Moreover, she says, another trend that’s expected to evolve is customers’ ability to connect with a company’s contact center at any time of the day, thanks to on-demand call center systems. The future is brighter for night-workers… Morgan’s fourth prediction is about data: there is so much data today, that sometimes it becomes unusable. Thanks to newly developed programs, in 2016, data will be much easier to use, even when there’s a large portion of it. In her last prediction Morgan speaks of CRM – she thinks in 2016, customers won’t need to leave the house if they’d like to contact the company. Everything will be possible with the new mobile technology.

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