Chrome OS Might Soon Have Google Play Support – Will it Take CX to the Next Level?

Rumors have been buzzing on various news outlets after Reddit user TheWiseYoda stumbled upon an option which allowed Android apps to run on Chromebook.  Are these rumors true, and if so how will this affect customer experience?


Too Good to Be True?

One of the screenshots posted by TheWiseYoda reveals the text: “Enable Android apps to run on your Chromebook”, which later disappears, thus not giving the user the ability to actually click the box. After more digging, the Reddit user found strings of source code in his Chrome OS with the following: “Choose from over a million apps and games on Google Play to install and use”.

The evidence does seem to support the rumors that Android apps will be accessible from Google Chrome. We will likely have to wait for Google I/O in May for any form of confirmation on the matter. In the meantime I have sent a question to Google asking them if they can validate the rumors, and will update you with a response.


Better Customer Experience

Although Chromebook can run Android apps already, the Google Play Store would make the apps much more available for users and easier to obtain. This is a great win for Google and the end users. By granting access on their platform, Google is likely to see more Android users on their devices. This is due to their easy and much anticipated solution for running your favorite games straight from your computer.

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