Best of the Week in CX

It’s hot outside, but I still manage to remain cool. Here are the articles I think you should add to your weekly reading.

1. Customer Experience is the New Battleground

Josh Linkner presents this article about developing a creative customer experience strategy. I think you will appreciate the way his suggestion of using all 5 senses to delight your customers and overhaul customer engagement.

2.  CX: It’s Not Rocket Science But It’s Still Hard

Noreen Seebacher’s article about customer experience helps us distinguish between service and experience. By defining the differences and giving us a better understanding of the mistakes we can make in what she defines as the “age of the customer” I think you’ll find that you’ll be better prepared to invest in communication and improvement initiatives.

 3.  Is Amazon Redefining the Retail Experience Yet Again (With Firefly)

In this article by Michael Zema, he talks to us about the importance of the new Firefly software in its Fire Phone. He discusses how the Firefly software is a game changer in the customer experience sector and how it may bring about a new standard in being diligent about providing an great customer experience. I think you’ll find it insightful.

4.  Five Customer Experience Lessons Coffee Taught Me

In this witty piece by Tyler Wells, he traces his lessons about the best possible customer service to his coffee related experiences and encounters. With the 5 tips he’s learned on his coffee journey, I think you’ll enjoy the insights he presents.

5.   3 Steps to Provide a Customer Centric Online Experience

This is an article I wrote about creating a customer-centric culture to foster positive experiences at every point in the customer journey. I think you’ll find the  3 tips presented to be helpful in shaping a customer-focused vision.


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