Best of CX From This Week

Get it right here: The top 5 Customer Experience I enjoyed reading this week – find out what made a wave in the CX Sphere without have to read through hundreds of articles.

We sum it up for you right here:

1# To Compete with E-Commerce, Retailers Need to Leverage Mobile

Majority of online shoppers use their phones to visit e-commerce websites. This article by Matthew Egol and Nicholas Hodson contains some fresh tips on how organizations can leverage on this bustling shopping platform. The authors analyze several facets that physical retailers need to focus on while adopting mobile marketing for e-commerce.

2# 5 Steps to Improving the Customer Experience with Big Data

If you want to develop trust with your customers, you need to honor the data they offer you. Most importantly, you need to understand their purchase patterns and consumption habits. You can bank on this post by Lisa Arthur to enlighten you on this crucial topic.

3# CX Fearless Predictions for 2014

2014 is a make or break year for your customer service strategy. Stan Phelps highlights 7 important predictions for 2014. If you want to take your customer service skills to a whole new level, you’ve got to read this brilliantly-crafted article.

4# Your Legacy of Customer Service Leadership

The connections you make with your customers are your legacy as a leader. But how do you deliver a customer service strategy that literary shakes the market? That is precisely what Flavio Martins talks about in this brief write-up.

5# Customer Satisfaction Index Formula

Understanding your customer satisfaction metrics is important in your goal is to increase customer retention in 2014. In this post, I talk about the benefits of CX index formula and explain you how to measure data with CX satisfaction index formula. This is a handy article in your customer satisfaction strategy going forward.



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