Best of CX Articles from this Week

Get it right here: The top 5 Customer Experience articles of the weeek – find out what made a wave in the CX Sphere without have to read through hundreds of articles.
We sum it up for you right here:

1# A Customer State Vector? Great Idea for Customer Experiences

Ever heard of a customer state vector? Various organizations such as NASA have been using this engineering concept to take control of their shuttles. Esteban Kolsky takes a look on how to apply this concept in business and reap profits from it.

2# Can you recognize a Customer Service Culture? Do you have one?

Each organization offers unique customer experience to their clients. Customer service culture is action and not just words and thoughts that are hardly implemented by companies. Flavio, one of the leading authors and Customer Support expert takes a look at this concept.

3# An Amazing Customer Service Idea: The Five Dollar Lifeboat

How do you turn an agitated customer into a friend and long term client? Shep Hyken, a customer service expert gives a story about Tom Glenn, a father who managed to establish a long-term relationship with a client who was initially not happy about their products and deals. A great article that you should not miss.

4# Resolve to upgrade your web tech for better experiences

Did you know that your web tech has a direct impact on customer experience? Learn how upgrading your web can improve customer experience from Marisa Peacock.

5# 3 Tips to Improving Customer Experience

Every entrepreneur that yearns to be successful has to learn how to offer the best customer experiences. Here is an article I wrote earlier on how to improve customer experience today.


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