Best in Customer Experience

#1- Top 6 Best Communication Tips From Some Of The Best Interviewers In The World

In this article, Courtney Seiter brings the top 6 most efficient communication tips to improve customer experience. Simply put, interviewers must be well-prepared and synchronized with their fellow interviewer, they must be flexible in listening, they must be oriented towards the applicant and try to stimulate his/her curiosity. Out of all these aspects, the ego suspension is undoubtedly the most important aspect every reputable interviewer must keep in mind.

#2- Journeys, Not Touchpoints

In this article, Annette Franz briefly describes the journey to outstanding customer experience. Customer experience is not all about reaching a certain point, as the notion of CX is so complex that it splits between several distinct touchpoints. Companies who want to improve CX must firstly define their metrics for the “CX journey” and then follow them.

#3- Behavioral Science Tells Us How To Improve Customer Experience – Interview With Professor Nick Chater

Written by Adrian Swinscoe, this article is about behavioral science and how it can be of great help for improving customer experience. The latest discoveries in behavioral science have revealed that the human brain is pattern-oriented and we are focused on finding storylines – business owners can use these findings in order to improve their customer experience. It is also very important to firstly improve the customer experience and only after that to introduce a self-service program that customer can use to help themselves.

#4- Infographic – Why Customer Experience Is An Exciting Opportunity For Online Marketers

This one is written by Graham Charlton and it explains how customer experience can turn out to be the most interesting experience marketers can have in 2014. CX accounts for approximately a fifth of the opportunities marketers have to boost their sales. Improving customer experience is surely one of the top five priorities of marketers these days, in addition to aspects like social media engagement, conversion rate optimisation or mobile optimisation.

#5- How Can Customer Retention Software Help You Grow Your Business?

And here’s one I wrote- This article is on customer retention software and how it can be a great addition to every small and medium-sized business nowadays. The purpose of CR software is to help business owners manage sensitive data in an accurate and systematic manner, thus providing business owners with more control over their company. At the same time, customer retention software can also turn out to be efficient for collecting feedback from customers, feedback that will then be used during future marketing campaigns and not only.


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