Best Customer Experience Articles of the Year

By: Matthew @BlogCX Thomas

How can this year in customer experience be summed up in only 5 articles?

Well, it’s difficult, but we’ve tried.

Customer experience has made strides in the business world this year. Here are some articles which reflect the importance of CX and its direction in the future.

1. Customer Service Leadership: How to Transform the Behavior of Customer-Facing Employees

Micah Solomon’s article addresses the importance of developing leadership in customer service. This article uses a few excellent customer service examples to help better understand the importance of leadership and of finding one’s purpose in CX.

2. Forrester: CX Jobs the Hardest To Fill With Digital Pros

Quick research online shows that digital businesses are growing at a very high speed as evident from the increasing number of companies are looking for IT savvy employees. However, CX jobs are hard to fill with digital experts. Al Urbanski looks at this trend professionally.

3. Top 60 Customer Experience Influencers

When it comes to the top 60 Customer Experience influencers, Jen Cohen Crompton’s article lists and links us to so many. Marketing executives, Customer Service Professionals, and even social media marketers, this list is an excellent who’s who of CX influence.

4. The Innovation Imperative: Customer Loyalty Won’t Save Your Company From the Collaborative Economy

If you’re still making the mistake of assuming your loyal customers will always be loyal, you need this article by Augie Ray. His statistics and information about the emerging collaborative economy are insightful. I think you will find this article especially illuminating.

5. Zappos: A Customer Experience Company That Happens To Sell Shoes

And here’s one by me- Zappos is a living example of a company that has invested heavily in customer experience. We were lucky enough to spend some time with Jonathan Wolske, one of the people behind Zappos insightful customer experience. Jonathan narrates the story of how Zappos rose from an ordinary company to a big customer experience hub.

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