Best Customer Experience Article of July 2016

Another month has passed, and more interesting customer experience articles were written. But which ones should you read?

These 8 articles touch some important aspects of the field of CX, which is still overlooked by certain companies, which are unaware of the benefits of investing in great customer experience.

These articles, touching topics like the importance of knowing your customer’s vision or the connection between CX and B2B, will hopefully ignite innovation and new ideas that’ll lead to happier customers.


Can Companies Engineer a Good Customer Experience?

In this piece, Larry Dignan distills the most important facts to come out of a recent Forrester study on customer experience. The report is based on 125K consumers and their online engagement with various companies, and stresses the importance of getting to know your customers.


3 Ways to Elevate Your Brand’s Customer Experience

With increased access to customer reviews, marketers now have a chance to fully understand the pains of their target audience and thus solve them much faster. Read about the top 3 keys which, according to Alexandros Poulo, you should focus on when trying to improve your customer journey.


How Call Centers Open Doors to Positive Customer Experience

I know this title might surprise some of you, as call centers are known to be daunting for most customers, but Andrew Woolf found the secret sauce to making any call center interaction a fantastic customer experience.


4 Ways to Enhance B2B Customer Experience with Mobile Web Design

As the prominence of smartphones continues to rapidly increase, the tech world has shifted its focus to designing mobile applications that simplify our everyday experiences. We now have the entire Web within our smartphones, and mobile responsiveness is becoming a great point of emphasis for designers. Read along as Eric Dudley elaborates on how you can use mobile applications to improve B2B customer experience.


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An Integrated Data Ecosystem Is The Key To Creating Customer Experience

In this piece, Avi Dan discusses the challenge of taking customer experience and using it in a way that provides you with a distinct competitive advantage. He also presents interesting statistics from new studies from the CMO Council and SAP.

Trying to Create Great UX with Machine Learning? Here’s What You’re Missing

In the fast-paced technological world, people don’t care about behavior as much as they do their own interests. For example, I’m sure you’ve had the chance to use famous hook-up tools like Tinder, Hitch and Aisle, where people aren’t worried about the behavior of the person they’re talking to, but are more interested in knowing whether they’re ready to hook up or not. Read on to discover what the interests-driven tendencies of today’s users mean to web-design and customer experience.


Customer Experience Vision Dictates Value

The term customer vision is absent in many discussions on customer experience, despite the fact that the two are perfectly intertwined. In this post, Lynn Hunsaker discusses how the two compliment each other, and elaborates on how strategic planning with the two in mind can make your customer experience better.


Organizational Success Starts With An Integrated Customer Experience Model

In this article, Daniel Newman discusses how providing a great customer experience is an all-hands-on deck operation. He covers how businesses need an integrated, multidimensional customer experience model to provide care of utmost quality.


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