5 Tools You Must Know About to Improve Your Customer’s Online Insurance Experience

* This article is part of a White Paper called: “What Insurance Customers Expect from Your Online Services and How to Exceed Their Expectations.”   Walk Me WalkMe can be a big help improved your websites usability and it can drive prospects to action. WalkMe delivers clear, step-by-step guidance to effectively guide visitors through any

3 Books that Could Have Ended Better with a Little Bit of Internet and Good CX

I love books. They are full of knowledge and inspiring. Still, some books just have it coming to them. You know the type –depressing and with horrible sad endings. What could make them better? Customer experience, of course (and, sadly, some internet using ability)! The Merchant of Venice When the merchant asks for a pound

Customer Engagement Activities and Tips for Your Business

Any business owner will agree that the customer is the most important part of a business. A happy and satisfied customer will yield your business high returns and this can be done by incorporating great customer engagement activities. This essentially means  engaging or involving the customers in some of the affairs of the company or business making