Ted talk with Comedian James Veitch: Customer Experience Marketing

Okay, let’s be honest, there are two types of people in this world.   Those who keeps their email inbox at zero unread emails no matter what, and those who have a good few thousand emails flooding their inbox weekly. Maybe the latter signed up for way too many email subscriptions enticing them with a ten percent discount

Are You Going Customer Centric, or Are You Ready to Go Home?

It’s time to go big or go home. In this short video interview with IBM’s Global Director, front office transformation, Kwafo Ofori-Boateng,  he explains that lack of customer focus inevitably ends in customers seeking attention in alternative solutions, leaving you for your competitors. Ofori-Boateng discusses today’s rising customer-centric approach, and how companies invest more and more

The Good, The Bad, And A Glance into the Future of CX – An Interview with Leesa Wytock

What happens when companies have technological deficiencies? Why do people still think one-size-fits-all? What are the CX trends you need to pay attention to? Leesa Wytock, Director, Digital Experience at Siegel+Gale, has agreed to share some inside information with us, together with her tips to success. With a broad history in branding, marketing and communications,

Best Customer Experience Article of July 2016

Another month has passed, and more interesting customer experience articles were written. But which ones should you read? These 8 articles touch some important aspects of the field of CX, which is still overlooked by certain companies, which are unaware of the benefits of investing in great customer experience. These articles, touching topics like the

The Best Customer Experience Articles of June 2016

It was another great month for customer experience articles. Though we can’t share them all with you, here is our monthly top-8; featuring articles that will help you reshape the way you interact with your customers. Learn about the powerful connection between culture and experience, gain insights from recent industry surveys and research, and listen