April’s Best Customer Experience Articles

April’s customer experience round up includes top articles from industry experts focusing on a range of interesting topics. This list covers topics such as the customer experience association, the use of big data to improve CX, and the difference between SMB and enterprise customer interaction. In addition, new technological advancements which brands use to maintain a powerful image are widely discussed.

1. The Successful B2B Relationship: It’s About Time

Time is finite, and it is precious to all of us. When you engage with customers, time is one key factor that can determine the level of effectiveness and satisfaction for both sides involved. Learn how to use that to your advantage.


2. Increased Investment Needed for Customer Experience Initiatives

This is a very professional article that offers a great analysis of ongoing research in the field of customer experience, and customer interaction in general. This data is a must for any company planning on maintaining steady customer growth.

Looking for more ways to improve customer experience? Here’s a tip.

3. The Six Pillars of B2B Customer Experience Excellence

Do you want to accelerate your business’ growth? Focusing on your B2B customer experience is the answer. This article delves into the numbers and data presented by the B2B International research firm. This data illustrates a disturbing picture of the current customer experience situation within the B2B market.

4. Less Big Brother, More Big Mother: Three Ways To Use Big Data To Enhance Customer Experience

This short article (and a little clip as well), discuss a topic that is often forgotten – the use of multiple data points accumulated in order to enhance the customer experience. It takes a positive look at utilizing big data, not to void privacy, rather to make sure customers feel the interaction is more personal.


5. Can Only Large Enterprises Drive Great Customer Experiences at Every Touch Point or Even Small Businesses Can?

Multichannel communication, from phones to social media, is rapidly growing. Businesses must be prepared to provide feedback and assistance across each channel in order to ensure a smooth experience. This article is perfect for those developing their multifaceted customer communication channels.

6. Customer Loyalty Through Excellent Customer Experience

Call centers and helpdesks are the frontlines when it comes to engaging customers. They are the face of the company, and their capability in handling customers can shape the success of a firm over a long period of time. Learn how a few simple changes can help you provide a better customer experience and increase loyalty.


7. Putting Customer Experience Analysis Into Action

As an important aspect for every company dealing in both B2C and B2B, customer experience needs to be measured and analyzed correctly. The author looks at a few famous brands from the US to China, and analyzes their performance in creating a great customer experience by using technology.

8. How to use the Customer Experience Professionals Association to Get Ahead

Over the past few years there have been dramatic changes in the business landscape. This new world has brought us exciting opportunities along with new responsibilities. Anybody with an idea can create a business these days. In fact, I am creating a new startup as I write this article. Seriously, it’s called FaceFire and it…..perhaps I have said too much. Since we live in this era of change, it is easy to get swept up and lose sight of the most important aspect of our business, the customer. This is where the Customer Experience Professionals Association will provide you with the information you need in order to succeed in this rapidly changing environment.


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