5 Top Articles of the Week

We are all busy people, and it can be very hard for us to keep in touch with everything that’s going on in the world of cx. Still, many of us choose to do it anyways. We waste nights and days reading article after article about everything to find the few great and useful tips. But why should we? Why not read this short summary I made here for you of the 5 top articles of the week, and get the best of the best without working hard?

1.How Corporate Personality Helps You Connect With Customers And The Customer Experience

In this piece for Forbes, CX expert Shep Hyken shares an important line of thought – the creation of corporate personality within workers can bring a lot of added value to the company. When you infuse a distinctive personality in your company, you connect with your customer on another level (sometimes an emotional level) that supports the idea of creating an amazing customer experience.


2.Customer Experience Pros Should Shift Their Focus From Needs To Expectations

What the clever Ryan Hart shrewdly analyzed in his piece from Forrester, is the next generation of customer experience. Of course, the customers’ needs are the most important things. These are the basics. The other important part is the expectations – it is not only about what they need, but also about what they expect to receive in the experience you give them.


3.CX Innovation Awards

This one is special. The CX award are on their way, and this is very exciting! After the Oscars, the Emmys and the Golden Globe, comes the CX Innovation Awards, where Customer Experience experts can be properly recognized and valued. The judges of CXPA will determine this year, who are the best in our field. Prepare yourselves.


4.Where Does The Customer Experience Begin?

The question of customer experience is a big one. Every now and then, we ask ourselves – where does it all begin? Various people would say it starts in various places, and each step has its ups and downs. From each step we can learn something different about our customers. Read this article by Scott Slucher from the ICX Association for more.


5.Here’s What Your Online Insurance Customers Are Thinking Of

Some of your customers are furious at you. This is a fact of life. They’re not always keen to see what you have to offer, and that puts you in a complicated position. In order to overcome challenges driven by unpleased customers, this post demonstrates what’s going through your customers’ minds.

Their thoughts vary from thinking the product is too expensive to a strong feeling that you are annoying… Here you have a chance to get in to their brains and find out for sure. You’ll learn a lot.


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