5 Tips for Enhancing the Millennial Customer Experience

“You need to bring your very best customer experience game to these young customers. With internal time clocks and expectations defined, to a great degree, by the best of the online experience that has been their birthright serving them means carefully plotting out the very best implementations of customer-serving digital technology, because millennials will settle for nothing less.” – Forbes

 Times are changing and to succeed in today’s business world, you must be able to adapt your strategies and tactics to the new generation, and that generation is the Millennials.

Why is there a need to change your current strategy and tactics? Millennials behave and think differently to Baby Boomers. According to a recent study from Forbes, 74% of the people surveyed that work closely with Millennials believe that they operate by a set of skills and thinking.

For example, Millennials have a higher-degree of technological know-how. Also, Millennials tend to pride themselves as being self-sufficient. It’s this very reason that most Millennials tend to find answers for themselves online, rather than from other external sources.

So how do you tailor your customer experience to the Millennials?

Tip #1 – Communicate Value

To successfully sell to Millennials, you need to thoroughly explain to Millennials up-front what the added-value of your product is. With so many options available, your sales pitch must be concise and powerful and be able to very clearly differentiate yourself from the competition. Communicate the value of the product through explaining reach, compatibilities, networks and showcasing all of the functionalities that the product has to offer. Explain all of the different ways that customers can leverage the power of the product. Your pitch should be conversational, almost as if you are writing a movie scene. As your “movie scene” plays forward, write the script about the true value and power of your product.


Tip #2-  Be Tech-savvy

No generation beats the Millennials when it comes to being technologically savvy – something they take great pride in. When it comes to onboarding your customers – teaching customers how use the product – your best bet is to provide digital training solutions. Millennials don’t do paper research, they crave the convenience derived from technology-based solutions. Digital solutions can include online interactive tools that help a user navigate through a product. If you have an app or interactive tool that can show the step-by-step use of your product, even better because Millennials have little patience for programs that are not user-friendly.

Tip #3 – Personalize the Experience

Personalize your “customer experience” to each of your customers as much as possible. Personalization means that you provide only those materials that are relevant to customers’ individual needs rather than dumping the same information on everyone. Avoid overwhelming the customer with information as information overload will most likely lead to lowered learning retention and feelings of frustration. This would be the best time to take a refresher course and perfect the concept of the “buying process”. This will help you better in separating each step, and re-design for better personalization.

Tip #4 – Speed Things Up

One glaring characteristic of Millennials is an obsession with convenience and faster speed. Millennials are all about instant gratification. You can better your “customer experience” if you can speed up your service. For example, an Econsultancy study showed that 40% of people will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load.


Tip #5 – Evaluate Performance

Finally, when making changes to your customer experience program, it’s critical that you monitor and evaluate the results of your customer experience program. To do this, you need to monitor and assess the “before”, “during” and “after” stages separately. As your implementation pace moves along, regularly check your current metrics against pre-determined milestones. There is one behavior characteristic to Millennials that you can take advantage of to make your implementation program a lot easier. Millennials tend to share feedbacks and opinions. Ask Millennials for their feedback on the new “customer experience” and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how forthcoming they are.
Adopting a customized “customer experience” service is the key for an enhanced Millennials customer experience. Generations come and go, and this time, it’s for the Millennials that is taking the center stage. You can either continue using your old model designed for the older generation, or use a new model that caters to Millennials and succeed. Ultimately, the choice is yours.