5 Tips for a Successful Cyber Monday Customer Experience

By: Matthew @BlogCX Thomas

Last year, Cyber Monday was the largest online shopping day in history, up 18.2% from 2012, according to the Huffington Post.

It is essential that online businesses capitalize on these opportunities to provide customers with the simplest online shopping experience.

Outlined below are five main tips that should be implemented to ensure that the Monday online customer experience is as enjoyable as possible.

Tip 1: Know Your Customer Buying Patterns

A study done in 2012, analyzing holiday sales, discovered that for Cyber Monday, several customers primarily bought before and after the work day. This trend made the hours before 9AM and after 5PM, the highest traffic buying windows.

Businesses should utilize this information to send out morning and evening campaigns using personalized sending times based on the specific timezone to increase the likelihood that customers open the email and became aware of the sales, resulting in purchases.

Also for Black Friday, it was determined that customers use their tablets and smartphones wherever they are to capitalize on the 12AM mega sales. Businesses should ensure their campaigns are responsive for mobile purchasing to ensure a simple and problem free experience. Ensuring that patterns like these are acknowledged can result in substantial increases in revenue and a more effective online experience for customers.

Tip 2: Offer Incentives to Draw Customers into Your Online Store

Cyber Monday already offers customers the opportunity to take part in serious savings, but businesses can capitalize further on this opportunity to increase the average order value of their customers. Customers are extremely motivated to buy during this period. Implementing special promotions or offers should influence customers to purchase a little bit more to reach these promotions. This can be a valuable opportunity to extract extra revenue from the customer base, while still offering an enjoyable, pain free online shopping experience.

Tip 3: Utilize Social Media to Keep Customers Informed

Businesses should utilize this opportunity to connect with and communicate with their customers. No customer wants to shop online, only to find out that the product they were looking for is out of stock. Stores should prioritize using social media to update customers on special promotions and updated product stock availability. By informing customers through social media that a product is out of stock or running low, the business can avoid irritating customers.

Customers will not be kept in the dark and can ensure they get their purchase in before the product runs out. Updates can also encourage customers to purchase products earlier than usual, in order to ensure they get the product in the size and color they want. The increased effort in keeping customers informed and aware should go a long way in ensuring an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Tip 4: Ensure Your Website is Easy to Navigate 

Businesses should ensure that their website is easy to use and navigate around in order to ensure the most simple and hassle free online shopping experience. It would be in businesses best interests to perform usability testing on their website to ensure it is up to standard. Aspects such as simple navigation, ease of readability, consistency in design, quick website speed and clear access to support should all be offered to ensure an easy online shopping experience.

Gartner analysts recommend: “Test usability as well as functionality, because poor usability contributes to bad reviews in app stores and social media.”

A good way to simplify your website is by offering online guidance, such as that provided by WalkMe, to new customers to help guide them through complex online tasks. The overall friendliness of the website can have a big impact on the overall satisfaction of customers and the likelihood that they purchase products from the website.

Tip 5: Make Sure Your Website Can Handle the Traffic 

Nothing is more frustrating for a customer then when a website will not load, when a website crashes or when it loads extremely slow. Not only will customers be unlikely to follow through, wait it out and purchase any products, but their business will likely be lost forever. It is paramount that businesses ensure that their website hosting can handle the increased surge in traffic without any lagging or issues. If the website goes down due to poor hosting capabilities then the lost business will not be made up. It is crucial that businesses contact their hosting providers to discuss their current hosting along with solutions to ensure that they are adequately prepared for the large increase in traffic.

These are just a few tips that can ensure a successful, enjoyable and simple Cyber Monday online customer experience. Cyber Monday poses a tremendous opportunities for businesses to demonstrate to their customers how valued and important they are to the organization. Despite the increase in customer traffic, businesses can plan ahead to ensure that their customers experience a pleasant Black Friday and Cyber Monday experience, which will go a long way in ensuring their continued success. These two events provide a tremendous opportunity to bring in lots of revenue and businesses should ensure that they are adequately prepared to capitalize on this opportunity.

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