5 Killer Customer Centric Moves that Boosted Sales

Peter Drucker would have a good laugh if he were alive today. “Oh Peter Drucker, yes of course we know all about him.” I can already see the comments below. Let’s simply say that he developed modern business philosophy. He coined the timeless business advice, “the aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” In other words, keep your customers happy with a customer centric approach.

Looking for more ways to improve customer experience? Here’s a tip.

This is the kind of advice that sounds homespun and folksy like something a grandparent would say. It rings true however just like something a grandparent would say.

Customer centric companies focus on the customer more than anything else, and research shows that doing so pays off. Deloitte US found that customer centric companies are 60% more profitable than those not focused on the customer.

Basically, the customer needs to be number one. Let’s look at 5 companies who nail the customer centric game.


Customer Centric Companies that Inspire


1. Amazon

What does Amazon do, that puts them in first place on most lists of the top customer-centric companies in the world?

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos leaves an open chair at the conference table stating that the seat is taken by, “the most important person in the room- the customer.” When developing products, Amazon develops them based on customer desires rather than their development team’s opinion. Bezos believes that everyone should be able to work in a call center so that they can gain insight into what the customer wants. That is why Bezos and thousands of Amazon managers attend two days of call center training periodically.


2. Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is in first place for customer centric food chains. Why?

All Chick-fil-A employees respond to their customers with a simple, yet powerful, phrase, “my pleasure.” A little goes a long way here! In addition, employee satisfaction is high, and this satisfaction trickles down all the way to the customers.

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3. UPS

UPS made the right move. They utilize social media to gain insight into the customers needs. This allows them to provide top customer support and to improve efficiency.


4. Apple

Apple makes sure that upper management read customer emails regularly to be aware and well informed of their customer’s needs. They’ve also taken a few tips from the hospitality industry, that some even say that their Genius Bar mimics a hotel’s concierge.


5. Sony

Sony has taken on the “strength in numbers” path. They have over 5,300 customer service locations around the globe to make them easily accessible when customers are seeking support. Sony also makes easy-to-use products to improve customer satisfaction and to lower the likelihood that customers will need to use their support services.


Long-Term Relationship

A lot of businesses are buckling down in efforts to become customer centric. It is important to remember that being customer centric is not a one-time thing. Look at it as a long-term relationship with your customers. Being customer centric requires continuous research into the mind and heart of your customers.


You’ll want to exceed expectations. Whatever it takes, you want to go the extra mile with your customers, sweep them off their feet. Customers are looking for convenience. For example, TD Bank is open seven days a week, most nights until 8 p.m. This has a double customer centric benefit. Not only does it serve customers but it provides more job opportunities for their own employees.

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